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MoV® Qualifications and Training

The Purpose of MoV® Foundation Qualification
Management of Value (MoV®) foundation level qualification confirms the candidate’s sufficient knowledge and understanding the MoV guidance. Participants are enabled to:
•    Understand MoV and can explain it to other people
•    Effectively contribute to MoV activities which are guided by other people

MoV Foundation exam format

•    Multiple choice
•    50 questions per paper
•    25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) - 50%
•    40 minutes duration
•    Closed book.

MoV Foundation Learning Outcomes

After completing the MoV® Foundation course, the candidate should be able to explain and openly discuss:
•    MoV’s main processes and techniques, as well as the reasons for using them
•    How MoV can be applied at all levels: portfolio, programme, project and operational
•    The differences in applying MoV at different stages in a project, being able to list each of these differences along with expected outputs from MoV at each stage
•    Which circumstances to best use MoV
•    The concept of value and ways to improve value
•    MoV’s main benefits
•    Approaches to MoV implementation
•    The best ways to respond to both external and internal influences
•    The principles of embedding MoV into an organisation
•    The key topics in document check lists, the toolbox, health check, organisational maturity and individual competence.

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