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Business Analysis

Every business has challenges—so knowing how to handle them is a game-changing career advantage. This is where business analysis comes in. Business analysis finds insight from data by utilising certain industry techniques (such as business process modelling, CATWOE and PESTLE analysis) and then recommend changes and solutions to improve and maximise business value. This can be applied and utilised across all levels of an organisation, everything from defining strategy and defining requirements for programmes to ensuring continuous improvement in company processes.

With our business analyst training courses, you'll learn how to identify, analyse and solve business problems, such as identifying ineffective or missing processes, uncovering poor communication and pinpointing the required recourses to complete projects. Business analysis also uses data to identify areas of opportunity within your business, drive strategic decisions and support digital transformation management initiatives.

By taking a business analyst training course, you not only get to delve into an exciting and in-demand career, but you become attractive to employers and boost your earning potential.

Who can benefit from a Business Analyst course?

ILX business analysis courses are not only great for people who are already working in business analyst roles and are looking to upskill, but they're also perfect for IT professionals looking to stand out in a competitive job market.

If you're a business process consultant, data analyst, process analysis or a systems analyst, our courses are designed for you too.

As well as bolstering your current CV, they can help you qualify for job roles in change management and project management.

Lastly, the courses are ideal if you're looking to pass the CBAP® exam or meet the prerequisites for the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Accelerate your career with world-class Business Analyst training

Business analysis skills can help IT professionals bring additional value to their workplace. With the ability to clarify business objectives, identify areas for improvement and solve difficult challenges, you'll be a prized addition to any team.

What's more, undertaking business analyst courses can boost your earning potential. According to the International Institute of Business Analysis, CPAS certification holders earn 13% more than their non-certified peers.

What will you learn in the ILX courses for Business Analysts?

Depending on which course you choose, you'll gain fundamental and advanced knowledge of business analysis, including:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst
  • Learn how to investigate, model, analyse and improve business processes
  • Elicit, analyse, validate, document and manage business requirements.

In our CBAP® training for business analysts, you'll also learn the valuable skills related to the field. These include the design of business solutions, advanced documentation and effective planning.

Our BCS training course also provides you with the skills to identify, investigate, improve and develop effective business solutions.

Choose your Business Analysis course

BCS Business Analysis Foundation

Gain the fundamental skills and certification to be a successful business analyst. At the end of the course, pass the exam to achieve the BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis.

> BCS Business Analysis Foundation training course

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®)

Reach the next level in your business analyst career by training for your CBAP® certification. This course is available to people with at least seven years of experience as a project manager or senior analysis professional.

> CBAP® certification course

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