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When you purchased your learning, you were sent an exam redemption code. Now you are ready to book your exam simply enter your details into the "Redeem your exam code" box below, this will generate an email with full details on how to secure your slot.

Official Exam Voucher lengths will vary depending on the examining body (Peoplecert, APMG International, APM, BCS or EXIN), so please make sure you're ready to take the exam before redeeming your code.

Redeem your exam code

If you wish to reschedule your exam at any point please email exambookings@ilxgroup.com. Please be aware that charges may be applicable for exam extension, cancellation or transference, we will advise what these are upon request.

You cannot extend a voucher or code that has already expired. Instead you will need to repurchase.

Please allow 2 business days between redeeming your exam code and receiving your official exam voucher from the relevant examining body. See our FAQs for exam codes and vouchers to find out more.