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Project and Programme Management

What's the difference between project management courses and programme management courses?

When it comes to project management and programme management, the words 'project' and 'programme' are often used interchangeably. But they are two distinct types of job roles.

A project is a unique and temporary organisation, designed to deliver tangible outputs. It has a fixed, generally fairly short, timeframe, and an assigned project manager responsible for delivering the output on time and in budget. Strong project management abilities ensure projects are completed without going over the budget, on time and within the project scope. They also improve internal communications, team alignment and morale, as well as helping to balance priorities and keep quality consistent.

A programme is the coordinated management of a number of related projects and other activities. The purpose of a programme is to deliver a strategic outcome and organisational benefit. Programmes are generally long term. Because the specific deliverables may not be fully defined at the start, a programme will often have a broad, adaptable scope.

In short, projects focus on outputs, while programmes focus on strategic benefits.

We have a broad range of project and programme courses available.

Advance yourself on our project management and programme management courses

Entry-level project management qualifications like PRINCE2®, AgilePM®, APM PFQ and CAPM are perfect if you're just starting your career in project management. While MSP®, PMP and MoP® will suit programme managers, and the more experienced project managers, looking to upskill with a programme management course.

If you're looking to make the move into programme management and already have your PRINCE2 certification, MSP is an excellent follow-on course. MSP and PRINCE2 can be used together to achieve successful project delivery within a programme, with MSP providing the strategic direction and PRINCE2 providing the methodology for individual projects.

The Praxis Framework™ is an excellent alternative, providing a comprehensive approach to project, programme and portfolio management, and integrating a range of elements from various different methodologies.

We also have several courses that focus on specific areas and competencies within project management, such as PRINCE2 Agile®, Change Management™, M_o_R®, MoV®, Managing Benefits™ and Better Business Cases™.

Choose from our project and programme management courses

PRINCE2 certifications

Learn the basics of how to successfully manage a project through a series of structural processes.

> PRINCE2 courses

MSP training

Successfully deliver large-scale, transformational change through a series of related projects and activities.

>MSP courses

APM PFQ courses

An entry-level qualification that offers insight into the discipline of project management and teaches skills, such as communication, planning and resource management.

>APM PFQ courses

Praxis Framework training

A combination of four types of best practice guidance; knowledge, method, competency and capability, Praxis is the first free framework to integrate projects, programmes and portfolios in a single guide.

>Praxis Framework courses