Cloud Architect Learning Path


Cloud is essentially the provision of software applications and databases that are run on virtual servers and accessed by multiple users through the Internet.

The concept of cloud has existed since the 1950s when mainframe computing started. At that time, it was more cost-effective for organisations to give multiple users shared access to a single server resource. 

As technology evolved, so did cloud solutions. Virtualisation software allowed multiple operating systems to run within one piece of hardware. And virtual private networks meant telecommunications companies could provide multiple users with shared infrastructure access instead of needing more physical infrastructure.

These days, there are many different cloud solutions available: public, private, hybrid, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), making it a highly attractive career and area to gain skills in.

Who will benefit

This Cloud Architect learning path, provided by our partner Simplilearn, will benefit anyone looking to start their career in cloud, such as graduates or professionals with less than two years of experience in a technical or non-technical role.

This programme will also benefit anyone working in these types of roles:

  • Cloud Developers 
  • Cloud Software Engineers 
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Programmers 
  • Solutions Architects 

Why sign up?

Becoming a Cloud Architect will help you to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of cloud to start or develop your career 
  • Learn vendor-agnostic skills and knowledge across the top three providers - AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google
  • Be able to oversee an organisation's or client's cloud strategy
  • Understand the legal aspects and work with suppliers or clients
  • Develop, deploy, maintain and monitor cloud architecture

Customer reviews

“Thank you for providing such quality content and helping me to become a master in this particular course.”

“The learning platform is the best place to learn with tutorial videos, live classes, and live projects.”

“The organisation provides an excellent platform with a hands-on approach through its learning platform.

Course overview

By signing up to this programme, you will learn about three of the top cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. You will also be able to master the services of cloud platforms, design cloud-based applications and learn the architecture principles for becoming a cloud architect.

ILX Group, a leading global provider of project and programme management training, has partnered with Simplilearn – the world’s #1 online boot camp and one of the world’s leading certification training providers –  to offer this course.

Course highlights

  • High-quality self-learning content
  • 230+ hours of instructor-led training
  • 40+ in-demand skills & 25+ services
  • Capstone project in 3 domains
  • 16+ real-life, industry-aligned projects
  • 12 months access to high-quality course content
  • 24x7 online assistance and support

Recommended experience/qualifications

Learners need to possess a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree in any discipline, as may be prevalent and accepted in their respective country of residence and/or work

Skills covered

  • AWS solution planning
  • AWS architecture best practices
  • Designing resilient AWS implementations
  • AWS cost estimation
  • AWS implementation optimization
  • AWS data I/O
  • Deploy fault-tolerant systems
  • Analysis and cost-effectiveness in AWS
  • Data management
  • Deployment and provisioning
  • Migrate on-premises applications to AWS
  • Design Cloud solutions on Azure
  • Analyze Amazon CloudWatch metrics
  • Data integrity and security
  • AWS operational best practices
  • Operational cost control measures
  • AWS usage costs
  • Manage security
  • Manage identity for Azure
  • Integrate SaaS services
  • Understand Google Virtual Machines
  • Recommend a data storage solution
  • Design Migrations on Azure
  • Compare database options
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure IaaS-based server apps

Tools covered

Amazon EC2
Amazon ECS
App Services
AWS Lambda
Azure Container Service
Azure Functions
Elastic Beanstalk
Virtual Machines
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon RDB
Azure Cosmo DB
Azure SQL Database
AWS CloudFormation
AWS CloudWatch
Azure Resource Manager
Amazon Inspector
Azure IAM
Azure Security Center
Amazon ELB
Amazon Route 53
Azure DNS
Amazon EFS
Amazon Elastic Block Storage
Amazon S3
Azure Storage Disk
Azure Block Bob

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this learning path you will be able to:

  • Understand the main principles of cloud computing and how they are implemented in Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Manage subscriptions, billing, and role-based access control for Azure users and groups
  • Implement use cases and configuration options for Azure App Services and App Service environments
  • Design an Azure App Services web app by using Azure CLI, Powershell, and other tools
  • Manage security and identity for Azure solutions 
  • Implement AWS security and testing and become an expert in AWS components such as S3, DynamoDB, Elastic Beanstalk, and CloudFormation
  • Get an overview of AWS DMS, the AWS Schema Conversion Tool, and the AWS Database Migration Service
  • Deploy, manage, and operate scalable, highly-available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS
  • Select the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, storage, and security requirements
  • Set up a GCP account and utilize GCP services, including networking, storage, and content delivery network
  • Understand Google Virtual Machines and how to work with them
  • Store and manage data in the cloud with SQL

Course completion criteria

Learner need to pass all the courses and meet the following requirements to obtain a certificate of completion:

  • AWS Solution Architect: Complete 85% OSL, Pass a Project, Pass Assessment Test 70%
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Complete 85% OSL, No Project Criteria, Pass Assessment Test 70%
  • Microsoft  Azure Administrator Associate: Attend 1 LVC batch OR Complete 85% OSL, Pass a Project, No Test Criteria
  • Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions: Complete 85% OSL and Pass Assessment project , No Test Criteria
  • Google Cloud Platform Architect: Complete 85% OSL, No Project Criteria, No Test Criteria
  • Cloud Architect Capstone Project: NO LVC OR OSL Conditions, Pass a Project, No Test Criteria

Frequently asked questions

How is the learning path delivered?

This learning path is delivered in conjunction with our partner, Simplilearn. You will get access to self-paced e-learning content for all the courses included in the learning path. For the Cloud Architect learning path, you will also have access to live instructor-led virtual classes for the AWS Solutions Architect, Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate AZ:104, and Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions AZ-305 courses. Over the course of your 12-month licence for this learning path, you will be able to join several of these virtual classes, so that you can revisit content as and when you need it. You will also have access to batch session recordings.

For how long will I have access to my learning path?

You will have 24/7 access for 12 months to all the self-paced e-learning content and the live instructor-led virtual classes. You can attend as many of the live virtual courses as are available to you in the 12 month period, and you also have 24/7 access to recordings of the live classes, which are available in the portal.

What are the technical requirements to access the e-learning portal?

The online learning portal can be accessed via all laptops and computers with an internet connection. It can also be accessed via tablets, although we would recommend downloading the Simplilearn app to access the portal via a mobile device. Preferred web browsers for the online learning portal are the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

After I make my purchase, what are the next steps?

You will receive an email from ILX confirming your purchase and welcoming you to the Simplilearn learning pathway portal. The email will contain a link for you to set your password, and once completed, you will be prompted to sign in with your username and new password. From here, you will be able to click on the learning pathway that you have purchased, and it will automatically take you into the Simplilearn learning portal where you can start your course.

Is the cost of the exam included in the learning path?

No, the cost of the exam is not included in this learning path. However, you will receive Simplilearn course completion certificates once you meet the required criteria, detailed in the “About the programme” tab on this page.

How do I schedule my live class?

Login to the online learning portal and access the live class schedule. From there you will be able to book onto any courses that are available as part of your learning path. To access the live classes from a laptop or desktop, use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari on Windows or macOS. To access the live classes from a mobile or tablet, ensure you have both the Simplilearn app and Cisco WebEx Meetings app installed, use the Simplilearn app to login, click on the ‘Live Classes’ and then on the ATTEND button. When using the Simplilearn app, you can enable the audio by clicking on the Calling icon and then clicking on Call Over Internet on the WebEx platform.

Who should I contact for assistance once I have purchased my learning path?

If you have a query regarding your purchase, please get in touch with us at If your query relates to the learning content or the online learning portal, please use the portal’s ‘Help & Support’ option in the top right corner of the screen.

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