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ITIL® 4 syllabus changes

Today’s marketplace is an ever evolving and sophisticated environment. This means organisations need to be able to adapt not only what they do, but the way they do it. ITIL 4 bridges that gap between the challenges of the current landscape and those of the future.

ITIL 4 syllabus

Through its framework, ITIL 4 offers a practical and flexible solution for supporting organisations as they navigate the world of digital information.

ITIL 4 Foundation

ITIL 4 Foundation remains the entry-level certification and covers a general awareness of the fundamental principles and terminology used in ITIL 4. All candidates will start with ITIL 4 Foundation for the Managing Professional, Practice Manager, and Strategic Leader designations. Upon completing all modules for these designations, learners will be eligible for assessment to become an ITIL Master.

ITIL Managing Professional

ITIL Managing Professional is aimed at digital practitioners in the technology field and provides practical advice on how to successfully manage IT projects and teams.

ITIL Practice Manager

Focused on the management practices included in ITIL 4, this designation is designed to help professionals further develop their skills in particular areas of interest.

ITIL Strategic Leader

ITIL Strategic Leader recognises the value of ITIL in digitally enabled services and reflects your understanding of the role IT plays in wider business strategy.

In addition to this, the scheme also includes a series of 15 practice-based certifications falling into three categories:

  • Monitor, support and fulfil
  • Plan, implement and control
  • Collaborate, assure and improve

Becoming an ITIL 4 Practice Manager, Managing Professional or Strategic Leader

To become a Practice Manager (PM) an individual will need to complete five of the 15 practice-based certifications, as well as the ITIL 4 Foundation and Create, Deliver and Support modules.

The difference between a Managing Professional (MP) and a Strategic Leader (SL) is that the first includes the three Specialist modules, whereas the latter includes the Leader module. Both contain the Strategist module.

To become an ITIL Master, you must have completed the ITIL PM, MP and SL designations, which means completing the Practitioner, Strategist, Specialist and Leader modules.

Changes between ITIL V3 and ITIL 4

Whilst retaining all the best bits from the previous V3, ITIL 4 places a much greater emphasis on working holistically, when it comes to delivering products and services, and on the importance of working collaboratively.

It expands on previous versions, supporting existing investments in ITIL, and provides a full-service digital operating model for delivering and operating tech-enabled products and services, including advancing technologies such as robotics and AI.

Find out more about the key changes from ITIL V3 to ITIL 4.

Transitioning from ITIL V3 to ITIL 4

Depending on your current accreditation and your goals, we have several recommendations for those looking to transition from V3 to ITIL 4.

  • If you have ITIL V3 Foundation… we would recommend you complete ITIL 4 Foundation in order to transition to the new scheme
  • If you have a low number of credits… we recommend you either take ITIL 4 Foundation and a further module in a chosen area of interest, or gain 17 credits from ITIL V3
  • If you have at least 6 credits since ITIL V3 Foundation… we recommend you continue to collect credits until you reach 17. At which point you will become eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition module


Do I need to upgrade to ITIL 4?

ITIL V3 has now been discontinued, given this we would recommend upgrading your qualification to ITIL 4 via one of our suggested transition methods. This will ensure you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's fast paced ITSM industry.

Does ITIL 4 expire?

To keep your certification up to date, PeopleCert requires learners to renew their ITIL 4 qualification every three years. You can do this by retaking your exam or taking a further course within the ITIL 4 scheme. For example, if you passed the ITIL 4 Foundation exam in January 2024 this will be valid until January 2027, at which point you can choose to retake your Foundation exam or progress and certify in ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support or ITIL 4 Direct, Plan and Improve, etc.

Is ITIL V3 being discontinued?

As of 2022, all ITIL V3 products have been discontinued.