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What is Pass Protect

Pass Protect provides peace of mind if your first exam attempt is unsuccessful. It enables you to re-sit the exam at a fraction of the normal cost. Effectively it's an insurance policy providing one re-sit for each exam that cover is purchased for. Pass Protect is available only at point of purchase.

If I purchase Pass Protect from ILX what will I receive and how long is it valid for?

If you purchase Pass Protect it will be detailed as a product line on your order confirmation. Pass Protect is valid for the same duration as the exam voucher it provides cover for.

If I have purchased Pass Protect and need to take a re-sit, how do I make a claim and how long do I have to enable it?

If an unsuccessful outcome occurs for your initial exam your Pass Protect comes into effect allowing you to request a re-sit exam.

  • On receipt of your official exam results please forward a copy by email to passprotect@ilxgroup.com requesting your Pass Protect exam. You must quote your ILX order reference number that can be found on your original invoice.
  • All Pass Protect claims must be submitted within three months of the date of the initial exam.
  • Re-sits are only available via online proctoring.

Once issued, your Pass Protect exam voucher remains valid for 12 months for exam preparation and re-sit. This 12-month period only applies to Pass Protect and if you purchased e-learning from ILX it does not extend the term of your original learning license.

If I extend my original exam voucher will my Pass Protect automatically be extended for the same period?

Yes, Pass Protect is valid for the same duration as your exam voucher.

If I don't select Pass Protect as part of my original order, can I purchase it from ILX at a later stage?

No, Pass Protect is only available from ILX at the point of the original purchase.

Pass Protect Terms and Conditions.

  • Pass Protect is an add-on service that becomes available only when the initial exam linked to it has a "fail" result and the original course has been completed in full and, for e-learning customers, the required mark achieved in the exam simulator has been achieved
  • Pass Protect is not transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit, even if it isn't eventually used. Candidates must schedule and take the re-sit exam within 12 months from the date the replacement exam voucher is issued.
  • Pass Protect is exam-specific; it cannot be used for any other offering and is valid only for the exam originally purchased.
  • Failing to show up for a Pass Protect exam appointment or not rescheduling within the terms associated with the exam prior to their scheduled appointment forfeits candidates' ability to use the Pass Protect replacement exam voucher.
  • Pass Protect is not available for purchase after a failed exam.