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The world's leading provider of portfolio, programme and project management consulting. Increasing your business efficiency.

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ILX Consulting

For over 30 years, ILX consulting has been a leading global accredited consulting practice specialising in portfolio, programme and project delivery. We improve the effectiveness of organisations and individuals and can help you optimise your business processes and achieve worldwide recognition of your internal capability.

What we do

We help our clients to turn strategy into reality by ensuring their PPM capabilities enable the delivery of corporate objectives.

  • We help Aggreko to demonstrate world-leading capability in their PMO
  • We help Laerdal to optimise their change projects
  • We help Nawah to balance their capability
Axelos Consulting Partner
P3M3 Axelos Consulting Partner
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Benefits and results

  • Use of P3M3 to facilitate change
  • Measurable return on investment
  • Increased organisational efficiency
  • Future business capacity assurance
  • Implementation of PRINCE2 methodologies
  • Worldwide recognition of your internal capabilities

1. Analyse

We help by discovering the issues and designing the solutions with you. We demonstrate what can be achieved with targeted development of people and process. Measurement comes before management.

2. Mobilise

Knowing what to fix is only part of the solution. We also know how to fix it. Improving people and organisations is about mobilising your culture and practice is about managing the transition to new ways of working. View case study: Laerdal

3. Realise

Realisation doesn't happen without planning. We support realisation at every stage with sustainable capability development built in to all of our solutions. Our clients are able to evidence improvement against international standards.

Our capability development solutions follow ILX Consulting's analyse, mobilise, realise model. Dependent on your needs, we will design solutions that deploy elements of our core service offerings:



A diagnostic fix for process problems us ing Best Practice Capability models


A diagnostic fix for building a high performing team using best practice competence frameworks

Methods +

The development of a bespoke structured methodology, combining accredited best-practice methods for your organisation. A documented framework that enables you to benefit from best-practice as pragmatically applied in your delivery environment


Pragmatic, workshop-based development events that give your teams the practical skills to change the way that they work, delivered by seasoned professionals and professional coaches

PMO Implementation

A managed implementation process that can be geared to the specific requirement of your organisation, whether the goal is to establish a PMO or improve an existing operation

The 3CAT tool

The 3CAT tool enables you to baseline the Project Management competence of individuals and the capability of your project organisations by supporting simple self-assessments benchmarked against international best-practice models.

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P3M3 is a maturity model that assesses an organisation's performance with regards to its portfolio, programme and project management practices

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