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Lean training is composed of several different courses to streamline processes, reduce wasted resources and ensure the best possible results for your business. You'll find information on our Lean Management, Lean Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma for Services courses below:

  • Lean: Focuses on efficiency through minimisation of waste errors and delays
  • Six Sigma: Focuses on quality and consistency, through improvement and variation reduction
  • Lean Six Sigma: Deliver customer value through efficient operations and quality standards
  • Lean Six Sigma for Services: Deliver customer value by addressing process problems and challenges that commonly occur in service and IT businesses

What is Lean?

Lean management is a business methodology that is specifically designed to improve your businesses quality and efficiency by eliminating wasted resources, such as time, money and effort. Its purpose is to produce only the best and most valuable services or products for customers at the right price.

Lean management methodologies provide businesses with the ability to continuously improve, while saving time, and as a result, money. Businesses that constantly improve can yield better customer satisfaction rates, which can lead to loyal repeat customers and referrals.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a set of management techniques intended to improve business processes by greatly reducing the probability that an error or defects will occur.

Both Lean and Six Sigma systems have the same goal: they both seek to minimise waste and create the most efficient system possible. But they take different approaches to achieve this.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a framework for continuous improvement and a problem-solving methodology. It's ideal for companies looking to streamline their processes and offer as much value to the customer as possible. It's the blending of two methodologies mentioned above: Lean and Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma originates from the manufacturing industry. It's all about the tools and techniques required to solve process problems and wants and is designed to improve by experiment. It can seamlessly integrate with best practices for project management, service management or product development to help organisations introduce and reinforce a culture of Continuous Improvement.

All our Lean Six Sigma certifications are accredited.

What is Lean Six Sigma for Services?

Lean Six Sigma for Services is a process improvement framework that helps support your change initiative across the different areas of your services operations.

You'll learn how to translate the theory into practice and deliver tangible business results. Examples of areas that Lean Six Sigma for Services can deliver improvements include customer support, project management, human resources, finance and operations.

Our Lean Six Sigma for Services courses are only available as in-house courses.

Lean courses from ILX

We have several options to choose from, find out more about them below:

  • Lean Management: In this course, you'll learn how to implement a data driven approach to eliminate waste, as well as the best practices to optimise end-to-end business processes in product development, customer relations, manufacturing, operations, service, supplier management and other enterprise functions.
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (IASSC): This course provides you with the fundamental knowledge of the methods and the experience of ways to support improvement projects as part of a team. This course helps you prepare for the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt examination.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (IASSC): This course is designed for those who will be leading improvement projects using the Lean Six Sigma methodology and teaches you the core principles of Lean Six Sigma, how to enhance manufacturing quality and business processes and how to use Minitab for practical statistical analysis.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (IASSC): This course is the final stage of the Master programme. It equips you with the skills needed to apply Lean thinking to lead teams and enhance manufacturing quality and business processes. You'll be proficient at handling complex improvement and process-related projects and will be taught how to manage Green Belts within an organisation.
  • Lean Six Sigma for Services: It provides you with the basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma and its applications to service delivery and IT process improvement, rather than product development.

Who can benefit from our selection of Lean courses?

Professionals that are seeking career growth in the quality management sector will benefit from this course.

People who will benefit from the Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt courses include team managers, project managers, change agents, quality engineers and auditors.

Six Sigma for Services will be hugely beneficial for project and programme managers, business analysts, executives, and service delivery managers.

Why choose us for your Lean Six Sigma course?

  • Learn at your own pace. Our Lean training is fully remote, allowing you to learn at a pace that suits you.
  • Access to course materials for 12 months. Revisit the training materials to refresh your memory when needed.
  • Learn in the classroom. Our Lean Six Sigma for Services courses are taught in person by our leading experts.

Advance your career with our Lean Six Sigma certification courses

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course

Get expert training on how to effectively support improvement projects as part of a team.

> Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (IASSC)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training

Learn how to utilise Lean principles in process improvement and use the FMAIC framework to manage Six Sigma projects and teams.

> Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (IASSC)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Get accredited with expert status with our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course and utilise your skills to lead teams and handle complex improvement projects.

> Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (IASSC)

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