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After over 10 years of listening to our customers, learners and administrators, we understand exactly how to raise awareness, promote the benefits and maximise the uptake of e-learning.

About ILX Connect

ILX Connect is continually striving to develop new and innovative ideas which will enhance your e-learning experience.

After over 10 years of listening to our customers, learners and administrators, we understand exactly how to raise awareness, promote the benefits and maximise the uptake of e-learning. This has enabled us to develop a complete service around our highly innovative e-learning products and we have named this exciting new concept - ILX Connect.

What is ILX Connect?

The ILX Connect service will help you to successfully manage the roll out of your e-learning programme, by avoiding some of the classic obstacles to achieve maximum return on your investment. Once you have selected from our Best Practice e-learning range and we have loaded them onto your dedicated portal, we will contact you to discuss the level of support that you require for the term of your licence. ILX Connect will enable the learner and administrator to make best use of your e-learning by providing training, support, hints and tips and additional resources to help you get the best out of your license.


ILX Connect will help guide you through your e-learning experience for the duration of your training programme to ensure optimum use of each course and that the end goal is achieved. This will be done by:

  • Creating greater awareness of your e-learning
  • Communicating with the learners and setting expectations
  • Increased control and visibility of progress by the learner for the administrator
  • Offering continuous support for both the learner and the administrator
  • Information and guidance on exams

We can help you

  • Organise exams
  • Design your e-learning programme
  • Organise a launch event to promote your training
  • Assist with internal marketing
  • Offer support on how to approach the e-learning
  • Track and report learner progress

The ILX Portal

The ILX Portal is accessible through the internet, so each learner can log in from home, work or anywhere that they have internet access. They will also be able to communicate with other users within their organisation via their home page. Each portal is customised to each organisation’s requirements and will also contain valuable support material to assist the learners with their training.

The Administrator

The administrator will be able to manage each learner on the portal and communicate with their line managers. This will include adding new users, running progress reports and booking examinations. They will also be able to communicate with the learners through the portal home page and customise and change this page as and when necessary. Training will be given so that each administrator will be able to gain optimal use of all the administrator’s portal functions.

The Learner

ILX Connect has identified that to run a successful training programme, it is very important to communicate with the learners and help set expectations. Our service offers training to cover the portal features and functions, an overview of the course with approximate learning time along with hints and tips on how to schedule their e-learning. We also advise each learner of the ongoing support they will have at hand from remote trainers through to IT help. With Apple iPhone, iPod downloads and YouTube videos available containing valuable support material, the learners have various delivery methods to study their course.

The Organisation

The main aim of any training programme is to achieve the end goal, which from an organisation’s perspective is to improve productivity and increase efficiency. This will ultimately result in the business recognising a return on their investment. ILX Connect is able to work with our customers to help them to achieve the desired end result.

ILX Connect customer testimonials

Jeff Whiting, Mitsubishi Electric Europe UK

Life changing.... I will be applying a huge amount from this course.

Head of IT Projects, Stanley Leisure plc, UK

Many thanks for an excellent and very enjoyable course. I found the handling of the discussions spot on and the fact that we were able to complete the syllabus proved this. I will certainly recommend to anybody who wishes to take PRINCE2 courses in the future.

Paul Westgate, Consultant, UK

With spare time being a big issue I found the interactive method of online learning very effective. The progression of learning is very logical and the use of manageable sized modules meant that I could progress at my own pace. In short it's the best way to learn and I would recommend it to anyone

Chris Sinclair, individual, UK

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course was hard work but well worth it. The interactive modules allow you to learn at your own pace and then the additional days in the class really bring it all together. You can really see how a project should be managed, and where you're going wrong, once you work through the modules. It fires your enthusiasm to do it right!

Young Choi, individual, Australia

Steph went over and beyond to accommodate my request. The demonstrated quality of service is rare to experience in modern days and certainly no organisation performance framework or process (i.e. automation, etc) could replace such quality. Steph is an invaluable member in your organisation and its clients. I would like to thank you and Steph again for the great outcome. I look forward to continue utilising your service in the future and for anyone else who is interested in Prince2 or other trainings that you provide, I would be more than happy to refer the interested parties to you.