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Scrum (Agile Business Consortium) training programmes

What is a Scrum Master?

The ILX Scrum Master training course makes the scrum framework applicable to the world of business, not just the IT industry. Whether you're an IT professional or someone in a different field, such as marketing, operations or HR, the ABC Scrum Master certification will help you deliver valuable products in short timescales in any part of the business.

The course is suitable for anyone involved in project management and agile processes needing to understand how to play their part in making scrum more effective. It will provide a deeper understanding of the scrum framework, how it is applied and its core principles.

What does a Scrum Master do?

The Scrum Master plays a crucial role in supporting the Agile team and ensuring they follow the Scrum framework effectively. They are responsible for facilitating team dynamics, resolving conflicts, removing barriers to progress, and driving organisational change to ensure successful delivery of value.

How do you become a Scrum Master?

To become a Scrum Master you will need to complete a training course and take the exam. The ILX approach to Scrum Master training uses group discussions, combined with practical training, to help you embed the knowledge of Scrum better.

What Scrum courses are available?

At ILX we offer training in the ABC Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner qualifications:

The Scrum Master course provides learners with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively facilitate Agile teams, coach them in Scrum practices, and drive organisational change. It covers topics including the core principles of Scrum, team roles, events and artifacts, conflict resolution, servant leadership and Agile transformation strategies.

The Scrum Product Owner course is designed for those accountable for maximising the value of products and solutions developed by the Scrum team. It covers topics including product vision, backlog refinement, stakeholder management, user story mapping, and product roadmap development.

Scrum Master Certification