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Software Testing

Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying that a software product or application matches the expected requirements and ensuring the software is defect-free. The main purpose of software testing is to identify errors, gaps or missing requirements in the product.

There are several different types of software testing, like acceptance testing, performance testing, stress testing and usability testing, that all work to meet certain goals. These goals can include finding and preventing errors, providing suggestions to make the software more efficient and user-friendly and ensuring the software product is reliable and consistent.

It is important for businesses to invest in software testing because it can prevent bugs, reduce development costs (as post-released errors are more expensive to fix but also harder to identify) and improve performance, which can lead to happier customers and clients as well as improved revenue.

By taking one of our courses for software testing and gaining an ISTQB certification, you can bring an important skillset to your current role – or move towards a career as a software testing specialist.

Who can benefit from our software tester courses?

Our courses are ideal for people who are looking to expand their skill set or work toward specialising in software testing. We have a range of courses that provide you with everything you need to know, from beginner to intermediate, to help you take the next step in becoming a software tester.

Our ISTQB Software Testing Foundation course is designed for anyone who wants a basic understanding of software testing, such as project managers, business analysts and management consultants. People who operate in application development such as testers, test engineers, test consultants and software developers can also benefit from this.

What’s covered in our software testing courses?

Our courses are accredited by ISTQB – the leading global certification scheme in the field of software testing. ISTQB terminology is industry recognised as the de facto language in the field of software testing. You can expect to learn to:

  • Promote effective communication by using a common vocabulary for software testing
  • Understand fundamental concepts of software testing
  • Use established techniques for designing tests at all test levels
  • Interpret and execute tests from given test specifications and be able to report on test results
  • Understand how testing activities and work products align with project objectives, measures and targets

Why choose us for your software testing course?

  • Learn in your own time. Our ISTQB software testing certification e-learning courses allow you to set the pace of your own learning.
  • Take advantage of virtual learning. Our virtual courses provide you with live instructor-led training via Teams so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • Make the most of blended learning. Our blended courses combine the best of self-paced e-learning with either virtual or in-person classroom learning.

Book your course today to gain your software testing certifications

ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Course

Learn more about the fundamentals of testing, test techniques and tools to support testing to get a certificate in software testing.

> ISTQB Software Testing Foundation

ISTQB Software Testing Foundation & Agile Foundation Extension Training

Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of both software testing and Agile foundation.

> ISTQB Software Testing Foundation & Agile Foundation Extension

ISTQB Software Testing Foundation & Advanced Test Automation Engineer course

Learn how to use established techniques for designing tests, understand test management principles and more in this blended course.

> ISTQB Software Testing Foundation & Advanced Test Automation Engineer

ISTQB Software Testing Foundation & Advanced Test Analyst

Get everything you need to pass both certifications to help launch a new career in software testing in this blended course.

> ISTQB Software Testing Foundation & Advanced Test Analyst

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