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Combined Competence and Capability Assessment Tool

Combined Competence and Capability Assessment Tool - 3CAT

The 3CAT tool enables you to baseline the Project Management competence of individuals and the capability of your project organisations by supporting simple self-assessments benchmarked against international best-practice models.

  • Presents the results of the assessment
  • Links any knowledge gaps to the relevant ILX training solution
  • Provides a structured self-assessment of Project Management Competence
  • Facilitates an objective assessment of your Organisational Capability
  • Enables individuals to contrast their self-assessment scores with the 14 different roles that have been profiled by the APM
  • Delivers a report to your Organisation clearly showing where the key areas for competence development are
  • Presents a report that shows your organisation's strengths and weaknesses in portfolio, programme and / or project delivery

Assessing individual competence

The 3CAT tool uses global standards for Project, Programme and Portfolio (3PM) competence assessment. These standards have been designed by project management professionals, for project management professionals and represent the current thinking on best practice for our profession.

For Director of Projects / Head of PMO / Senior Managers 3CAT answers these questions:

How good are my project managers?

Where should I invest my development budget?

For Project manager/Programme/Portfolio Manager/PMO professionals 3CAT answers these questions:

How good do I need to be to progress?

What should my development plan be?

Where are the gaps in my development

What training do I need?

A 3PM professional can identify key areas for personal development.

If you are responsible for 3PM within your organisation, you can rapidly baseline the distribution of competence across your teams using the 3CAT's organisational report.

ILX Consulting also offers complimentary support and analysis products that will develop key performance metrics and support you in developing interventions to close capability gaps.

Organisational Assessment

Using best practice standards the 3CAT tool enables 3PM leaders to identify the strengths and weaknesses across their 3PM organisation.

Axelos' P3M3 Model is embedded as standard in the 3CAT and other models, or relevant sections, can be integrated into the assessment plan to amplify the findings of an assessment in specialist areas, whether these are 3PM domains (e.g. Risk, Stakeholder Engagement) or general management disciplines like Business Process Improvement or Organisational Change Management.

3CAT facilitates an assessment against these models and develops a high-impact report that enables your organisation to plan its approach to capability development with confidence.

Configurable Assessments

The 3CAT tool can be configured to include only the questions that are relevant to your stakeholders and your organisation. If you are keen to conduct an assessment that focuses on specific competences or process areas, we can configure the questionnaire to exclude out-of-scope questions or question-sets whilst maintaining the integrity of the results. This can have the effect of reducing the time taken to complete the assessments and allowing stakeholders to remain focused on key areas of interest.

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