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DevOps is a combination of the terms “development” and “operations” which represents the shared approach to tasks performed by a company's application development and IT operations teams. It is a set of philosophies, practices and tools that helps organisations to promote better communication and collaboration between the two teams and to deliver applications and services faster. Where software development and IT operations teams would otherwise work in disconnected siloes, DevOps brings them together.

The philosophy came from agile and there are four key principles of DevOps:

  1. Automation of the software development lifecycle
  2. Collaboration and communication
  3. Continuous improvement and minimisation of waste
  4. Hyperfocus on user needs with short feedback loops

DevOps can be beneficial to businesses because it can result in faster and easier releases, better team efficiency (thanks to improved collaboration) and increased security and higher quality products. This improvement in quality and reliability ensures happy customers and a profitable business. It's clear that it plays a crucial role in business so now is a great time to upskill into this lucrative role.

By taking our DevOps courses, you can bring an important skillset to your current IT role—or move towards a career as a DevOps specialist.

Who can benefit from learning DevOps?

ILX DevOps training courses are perfect for IT professionals who want to expand their skill sets. This includes developers, project managers, operations professionals, quality assurance professionals and IT graduates.

Ideally, you should come from a technical background and understand Linux, Java and Web development fundamentals.

Invest in DevOps training for a secure and well-paid career

Although it's relatively new, DevOps is an in-demand skill set. According to the DevOps Institute, over 60% of organizations have adopted some form of DevOps.

What's more, the demand for DevOps professionals will likely continue growing. As businesses become increasingly software-driven, they need IT professionals who can automate and streamline their development processes.

Best of all, DevOps is applicable in a wide range of job roles and industries — making it a potentially game-changing addition to your CV. What's more, DevOps specialist roles command high salaries that are likely to grow as you gain experience.

What will you learn in our DevOps online training?

DevOps is about helping different teams collaborate effectively. The ILX DevOps course teaches you fundamental principles like inter-team collaboration, IT service agility and continuous integration/continuous deployment.

You'll also get to know DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Cucumber, TeamCity, Ansible and Nagios.

When you take our Kubernetes administrator certification course, you'll enhance your skills in application lifecycle management, installation, configuration and validation.

Choose your DevOps training course

DevOps Certification training course

Learn the DevOps practices that help software development and IT operations teams work together effectively. Become an expert in continuous integration deployment and configuration management, and learn how to implement Docker and version control systems.

> DevOps Certification course

Certified Kubernetes Administrator training course

Get to grips with one of the most popular container orchestration tools available. This course covers all the domains including application lifecycle management, installation, configuration, and validation.

> Certified Kubernetes Administrator course

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