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Java training Learn how to build interactive and dynamic websites
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Course type: E-learning
Duration: 15 hours
Delivery: Online

Java Certification E-learning

In the current market most small and large organisations use Java as their web platform, which is why employees with Java expertise are in high demand. Java has gone deeper into the mobile programming too, powering all the Android mobile and tablet devices, and Android Apps, which has majority market share in the current mobile market worldwide. 

This Java certification training course will guide you from the beginning concepts of Java to advanced programming techniques. 

About the course

This Java training course will provide you with advanced concepts of Core Java 8 and Java EE, Hibernate and Spring frameworks, JDBC architecture, JUnite and SOA, and builds on skills that can act as a stepping stone for anyone planning to advance their career in mobile development.

Becoming certified in Java can also open up career opportunities in Big Data, as Hadoop (the most widely used data architecture framework) uses Java for design and development.


15 hours


There are no prerequisites for taking this Java online course. You need not have any programming knowledge, only a keen interest in learning the extremely popular programming language. This Java course also requires no previous coding experience.

Learning objectives

By the end of this Java online training course, you will be able to: 

  • Understand basic Core Java 8 concepts
  • Implement multi-threading, string handling and exception handling techniques
  • Set up connections using JDBC to communicate with a database
  • Understand servlet fundamentals such as J2EE, HTTP Protocol and HTML in detail
  • Create JavaServer Pages (JSP) by following directives, and run an application
  • Learn Hibernate query language (HQL) and its exciting features
  • Map relationships with Hibernate
  • Learn how to configure AOP in a Java application
  • Dive deeply into SOA architecture
  • Design a SOAP-based web service

This course is offered by Simplilearn, a partner of ILX Group.


  • 35 coding-related exercises on Java 8
  • Hands-on coding and implementation of 2 web-based projects
  • Includes Hibernate & Spring Frameworks

Duration of access

12 months online access to accredited e-learning

What's covered?

The course covers the following modules:

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction to Java EE 
  • Lesson 2 - Java Servlet I 
  • Lesson 3 - Java Servlet II 
  • Lesson 4 - Java server pages 
  • Lesson 5 - Introduction to Hibernate 
  • Lesson 6 - Hibernate queries and relationships 
  • Lesson 7 - Introduction to Spring 
  • Lesson 8 - Spring AOP 
  • Lesson 9 - Spring JDBC and Spring Hibernate 
  • Lesson 10 - Spring MVC 
  • Lesson 11 - SOA and web services 
  • Core Java

During this course you will also work on two projects:

  • Project Name: Employee management system

Description: Create a new system to automate the following regulation creation and closure process: Admin will be able to add new regulations and assign them to the department. Department Head will send these regulations to individual users via email to get their consent. Users will send their comments through the courier service after reading regulations. Department head will collect user inputs and pass them on to Admin.

  • Project Name: Home insurance

Description: Build a system that helps individuals buy insurance for a home through a web application. You will work on automating the entire manual process that takes place between a user and a bank to complete the process.

Target audience

This Java certification training course is ideal for: 

  • Students and professionals who wish to become Java developers
  • Software developers
  • Web designers
  • Programming enthusiasts
  • Engineering graduates

There is no exam for this course, but to unlock your completion certificate you must:

  • Complete 85% of the course
  • Successfully complete and evaluate any one of the given projects

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