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How BCS can benefit you

Individual benefits:

  • Internationally recognised certification that employers around the world recognise as the first step in towards a career in Business Analysis. This is one of the four modules on the path to gain the International Diploma in Business Analysis 
  • Compliments existing Project management qualifications providing individuals with the understanding needed to identify and evaluate needs against business requirements.  This helps projects to be better aligned to the required outcome from the start
  • Develop skills and knowledge to support successful business change programmes within your organisation being able to articulate what the problem is helps to take people on the journey and to understand the rationale for the solution being implemented

 Organisational benefits

  • Provides the Analyst with the skills and recognised framework to advise the organisation regarding what appropriate business solutions are required, in order to meet the business need
  • Use of a common language to improve communication and efficiency enables better scoping and definition up front to increase the likelihood of project success
  • Potential to reduce organisational costs by avoiding scoping or definition errors that lead to project and business inefficiency
  • Shows investment in continual improvement for the organisation and visible investment in staff development

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