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Virtual learning

ILX's virtual instructor-led training combines the personal teaching experience of a classroom, with the ease and flexibility of a virtual environment. You get the experience of attending a live classroom workshop, but from the comfort of your own home - so no travel or accommodation costs!

The content has been designed specifically for a virtual setup, and our highly-experienced trainers have undergone training of their own to be able to effectively lead our online classroom courses.

Our virtual training courses are delivered using the GoToTraining platform - blending onscreen content and quizzes, with live video and audio streaming, to provide a highly engaging and effective training solution. This platform also provides functionality such as breakout areas, where delegates can be divided into group sessions to work on scenarios and exercises that can then be presented back to the class.

Attend a classroom without leaving your house!

We have a public schedule of virtual courses, that anyone can book themselves onto. And with these public events, you have the option to take your exam any time up to 12 months after you complete your course. However, there is always time allocated in these sessions to sit the relevant exam, so you can be fully qualified in under a week!

We can also provide in-house solutions for our corporate customers. If you have large numbers of employees working from home, or in different locations, with our virtual learning solution you can be sure they will all receive the same high-quality training. If you're looking for information on our e-learning products, please take a look at our e-learning page.

Want to know more about the technical setup for ILX virtual training, and how it works? Then have a read through our FAQs.

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