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Course type: E-learning
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Advanced Pay Per Click Online

The Advanced Pay Per Click Certification Program features a clear learning path designed by industry experts. 

Course overview

About the course

This course will enable you to develop your skills to work with Google ads and Google analytics and fast-track your digital marketing experience in paid marketing initiatives.


This course takes approximately 17 hours to complete.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand pay per click advertising concepts
  • Analyse the market shared by each search engine
  • Choose the best-suited keywords to fit the advertising model
  • Analyse different campaign settings and PPC pricing models
  • Develop paid advertisement campaigns and use ad groups effectively

This course covers the following modules:

  • Course introduction
  • Psychology of search
  • Buying funnel
  • Understanding keyword organization
  • Keyword match types
  • Negative keywords and managing search terms
  • Keyword research
  • Creating compelling ads
  • Advanced ad features
  • Ad testing
  • Ad extensions
  • Campaign types of budgets and reach
  • Location and language targeting
  • Introduction to audience types
  • How to segment data and create lists
  • Using the audience lists to reach customers
  • Introduction to the display network
  • Display targeting options
  • Display ad formats
  • Setting and measuring goals
  • Bidding and attribution
  • Reporting and testing
  • Ad group organization
  • Campaign organization
  • Working with multiple accounts
  • Introduction to quality score
  • Working with quality score
  • Quality score diagnosis and pivot tables
  • Setting up your PPC strategy
  • Creating your account
  • Managing your account
  • Shopping and video campaigns
  • Automation and other tools