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How Management of Risk (M_o_R)® can benefit you

M_o_R® (Management of Risk) is a structured framework for risk management. Here, we'll discuss in more detail what M_o_R is and the benefits it offers individuals and organisations.

What is M_o_R?

M_o_R is a widely recognised qualification offering a framework for risk management and providing learners with a structured approach to identifying, assessing, and managing risks.

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What are the benefits of M_o_R?

M_o_R benefits for an individual:

  • Enhances career opportunities improving your prospects for roles related to risk management, compliance, project management and strategic planning
  • Improves risk management skills and ensures you are aligned with best practice
  • Increases your value within an organisation, showcasing your abilities and commitment to continuous improvement
  • Allows you to communicate better with colleagues and stakeholders by providing a common language

M_o_R benefits for an organisation:

  • Corporate decision making is improved through the high visibility of risk exposure
  • The objectives of the organisation are more likely to be realised through the early identification and proactive management of risk
  • Provides a consistent approach to risk management for all employees
  • Reduces the financial impacts of adverse events and avoids unnecessary expenses
  • Helps organisations establish and maintain compliance with relevant regulations and standards

Is M_o_R worth it?

M_o_R offers a multitude of benefits for individuals and organisations alike, helping learners to navigate uncertainty and limit the impact of risk in today's dynamic business world. It equips individuals