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Course type: E-learning
Delivery: Online

MoV® Foundation Online

ILX Group’s accredited MoV Foundation online course covers all aspects of the MoV guidance. Using voice, animation and activities, the course takes approximately six hours to complete which is equivalent to a two-day workshop.

Course overview

About the course

The main body of the course consists of 11 sessions which covers MoV principles, processes and techniques. It also covers MoV approach and implementation, the MoV environment, embedding MoV and the MoV guidance appendices.


  • The purpose and structure of the course
  • The format and style of the MoV examination

Introduction to MoV

  • The relationship between MoV and other best practice management products
  • Definition of value
  • Description of MoV in terms of terms of what it is, where it can be used, when it should be used and finally, what is involved in its use

MoV principles

  • Description of the seven MoV principles

MoV processes

  • Description of the seven MoV processes

MoV techniques

Description of:

  • Function analysis
  • Function cost analysis
  • Value engineering and analysis
  • Other common techniques often used in MoV

MoV approach and implementation

  • Description of a generic process around which a study can be structured
  • Description of the relationships between the MoV study leader and the rest of the team

MoV environment

  • Description of the external and internal factors that affect MoV policies and strategies
  • Descripti