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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides businesses with on-demand delivery of IT services (such as storage, computing power, software and databases) over the internet, rather than from a local device or on-premises data centre. So, instead of investing in the expensive hardware, software and infrastructure required to operate computing systems on-premises, users can rely on cloud computing providers to host data and applications securely in shared, virtual or remote environments.

This allows businesses to scale, respond quickly to changing demands, reduce costs associated with physical operations, and access more resources and higher-performance computing than would be possible on their own.

Cloud computing has enabled the growth of several services that we see today such as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). The cloud computing model helps businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals, become more flexible, reduce costs and improve their overall efficiency.

By obtaining cloud certifications, you become more attractive to employers and boost your earning potential. And with online training in blockchain, you can find new business and career opportunities in an exciting world of new technology.

Who can benefit from our training in cloud computing?

These courses are ideal if you're an IT professional, programmer, cloud developer, DevOps professional or service management analyst looking to boost your skillset or move towards specialised cloud computing roles.

Developers, entrepreneurs and technologists taking our blockchain course will learn to apply the theories to business scenarios.

Aspiring AWS engineers and specialists with existing knowledge of the platform can get advanced qualifications with our AWS training.

Drive your career forward with ILX's online cloud training

The demand for cloud computing experts continues to grow as more and more businesses are investing in cloud services. Employers are regularly looking for AWS and Azure skillsets, but there is plenty of opportunity for career development with other technical knowledge too, such as Python, Javascript and Java. It doesn't just stop there, cloud computing skills can be applied in various other fields like big data, DevOps and cloud cryptography, so there are plenty of areas that you can specialise in.

Expanding your knowledge of the field through training courses and certifications will help to make your CV stand out in this competitive industry, and is the key to progressing onto the next stage of your cloud computing career. Learn more about the wide range of courses that we offer below.

What will you learn in our cloud computing online courses?

In our cloud computing courses, you'll learn how to deploy and maintain cloud systems using Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. You'll also get training for specific job roles like AWS Solution Architect or AWS SysOps Associate.

The ILX blockchain course gives you hands-on training around Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain scenarios. Learn how to build blockchain applications, deploy a private blockchain, create smart contracts and more.

Choose your cloud computing training course

Amazon AWS training and certification

Advance your IT career with expertise in AWS terminologies, concepts and deployment options. Learn AWS cloud practitioner essentials or get certified for specialised AWS roles.

  • AWS Technical Essentials certification
  • AWS Solution Architect
  • AWS SysOps Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect

> AWS certifications

Microsoft Azure training and certification

Learn the principles of cloud computing and how they're implemented on Microsoft Azure. Gain knowledge of Azure cloud services, security, privacy, compliance and more.

> Microsoft Azure certifications

Blockchain training

Find new opportunities by learning practical blockchain skills. Join the new generation of professionals and entrepreneurs integrating the blockchain into technology.

> Blockchain course

Cloud Architect

Discover how to master the top three cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Learn how to deliver services of cloud platforms, design cloud-based applications and key cloud architecture principles.

> Cloud Architect course

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