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Communication: training Learn how to communicate with real impact
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Course type: Virtual
Duration: 1 day
Delivery: Virtual

Communication: Mastering communication skills virtual

This course is designed to help you to learn the key elements of successful communication, including how to identify and adapt to different communication styles.

About the course

Effective communication is vital in business, whether you are trying to engage one person, a team, a stakeholder, or an entire company. In this highly enjoyable workshop, we will teach you how to adapt your communication approach for different stakeholders in both verbal and written channels, build trust, ensure your message is clear, and use storytelling techniques to engage others.

During this course, you will learn that people have different communication styles and preferences. Some prefer a direct and to-the-point approach, while others prefer more detail and context. In this course, you will learn how to identify different communication styles and adapt your approach to effectively communicate with different stakeholders. By developing compelling stories that engage and inspire others: Stories are a powerful way to engage and inspire others. You will learn how to develop compelling stories that connect with your audience and convey your message in a memorable way. During this we will you will learn how to recognise different personality types and work effectively with them to build relationships and communicate more effectively. Whether you are a seasoned communicator or new to the world of business communication, this course will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to communicate more effectively and achieve your professional goals.

What is virtual classroom training?

ILX’s virtual instructor-led training combines the personal teaching experience of a classroom, with the ease and flexibility of a virtual environment. Our virtual courses are interactive and engaging, allowing participants to communicate with both the instructor and each other in a collaborative manner.Please review our FAQs for more information relating to virtual learning, including the technical specifications.

Please note:  Access to relevant materials is provided after the course via a QR code.


This is an intensive one-day workshop.


There are no formal pre-requisites for attending this course.

Learning objectives

This course will give you a greater ability to:

  • Understand what creates an effective communication.
  • Deploy an extensive range of high impact communication techniques appropriately across a variety of channels to project clarity, increase confidence, build trust, and develop eminence.
  • Recognise different communications style preferences and adapt accordingly.

There is no pre-course prior to attending this course. 

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