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Business Skills Getting results without authority classroom

This course is only available as an in-house option.

Do you find yourself having to:

  • Scope a project with senior managers or directors?
  • Get resource commitments from senior client managers?
  • Agree ‘over and above’ commitments from a sub-contractor?
  • Get decisions from indecisive senior partners or clients?
  • Overcome objections from a senior stakeholder 

What stops us being effective in those situations?

  • Not knowing how to influence them
  • Not feeling confident
  • Not believing we have ‘permission’
  • Not wanting to ‘upset’ others
  • Fear of the consequences of getting our approach wrong
  • Believing we have to manipulate others to get what we want
  • Not having the skills to negotiate effectively

And many other psychological factors

About the course

This course provides the skills and approaches you need to become confident and effective in influencing others to get the results you need in any situation – even if you don’t have authority.


1 day

Pre and post workshop exercises can be developed for this course at a small additional cost.

What's covered?

Indicative content:

Personal impact

  • How do you come across to others? How do you know? (create a multiple-choice exercise)
  • Personal impact: smile, be friendly, be positive

Understanding influence

  • 10 things that can prevent you being influential
  • How to avoid those 10 things (techniques and approaches)
  • Values-based influencing
  • Positives and pitfalls

Influencing strategies

  • Establish (or regain) credibility so you can begin to influence people
  • How to understand and use your influence base to persuade others
  • Understanding the person you’re trying to influence, and persuade them through give-and-take
  • Develop and grow relationships within your organisation and beyond
  • How to create a collaborative work environment for faster, better results
  • Understand communication differences and adapt to individuals
  • How to successfully sell your ideas 
  • Your personal strengths and weaknesses in selling ideas
  • What is a trust-based give-and-take relationship (up, down and across the organisation)?
  • How to show self-confidence without being pushy
  • Adapt your style to the person or situation you’re dealing with
  • Principle of reciprocity

Assertiveness basics

  • Being persistent but not annoying 
    • Broken record
    • Ask for what you want 
    • Tone of voice and confidence
  • Applying good judgement
    • Knowing when to switch approaches
    • Reading other people’s emotional ‘temperature’
    • Knowing when make an approach

Negotiation basics

  • Preparation is all
  • Position and interest
  • Other people’s point of view
  • Showing/demonstrating empathy
  • Openness and trustworthiness
  • Reaching a common goal
  • Selling your position by providing evidence
  • Connecting emotionally
  • Open questions
  • Clear communication (thinking and editing your thoughts before speaking)
  • Negotiating/offering time out from negotiating to reflect

Factors affecting influence

  • Capability
  • Perceived value and realisation
  • Perceived cost and risk
  • Rapport and trust relationships
  • Being interested in others (for real)

Self-assessment and development

  • Develop a set of criteria for influencing others
  • Assess yourself against the criteria
  • Develop an action plan
  • Making the change

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