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ISTQB Foundation - Certified Mobile App Tester Virtual

The certification for the ISTQB Mobile Application Testing Foundation Level is accredited by UKITB. It is intended for professionals who are working with mobile technology.

Course overview

About the course

The certification provides an insight into methods, techniques and tools a professional may use to test mobile applications. It is also for professionals who are planning to start implementing mobile projects or are working within companies that plan to do so.

The certification provides an advantage for those who would like to know the required mobile project activities, roles, methods, and methodologies specific to their role. The course is accredited by the UKITB and rated at level 3 in SFIA.

What is virtual classroom training?

Virtual instructor-led training combines the personal teaching experience of a classroom, with the ease and flexibility of a virtual environment. Virtual courses are interactive and engaging, allowing participants to communicate with both the instructor and each other in a collaborative manner.


This is a two-day intensive virtual course.

Certified Mobile Application Testers who have passed the Foundation Level “Certified Mobile Application Testing” exam should be able to accomplish and demonstrate the following Business Objectives:

  • Understand and review business and technology drivers for mobile apps in order to create a test strategy
  • Identify and understand the key challenges, risks and expectations associated with testing a mobile application
  • Apply test types and levels specific to mobile applications.
  • Apply common test types, such as those mentioned in ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level syllabus 2018, in the mobile specific context.
  • Carry out the activities required specifically for mobile application testing as part of the main activities of the ISTQB® test process.
  • Identify and use suitable environments and appropriate tools for mobile application testing.
  • Understand methods and tools specifically to support mobile application test automation.

Certified Mobile Application Testers should be able to demonstrate their skills in the following areas:

  • Describe how available mobile analytics data can be used as input for the test strategy and the test plan.
  • Distinguish between various business models for mobile applications.
  • Recall different types of mobile devices.
  • Distinguish between different types of mobile applications.
  • Distinguish between general architecture types of mobile applications.
  • Apply characteristics and specifics of the mobile market in preparing a test strategy.
  • Give examples of the challenges associated with testing mobile applications.
  • Describe how risks specific to mobile applications may be mitigated.
  • Describe device-specific features and hardware which should be considered for testing.
  • Prepare tests for the app’s compatibility with screen sizes, aspect ratio, and screen density.
  • Describe how tests can show the potential effects of device overheating on the system under test.
  • Recall different test types for testing of the various input sensors used in mobile devices.
  • Recall tests to be run for various input methods.
  • Describe how tests can reveal user interface issues when changing screen orientation.
  • Prepare tests for an app using typical mobile device interrupts.
  • Prepare tests for changing the access permissions to the device features requested by the app.
  • Prepare tests to verify the impact of an app on a device’s power consumption and the impact of its power state on the app.
  • Prepare tests for the handling of notifications by the system under test.
  • Describe how tests can verify correct functionality of quick-access links.
  • Prepare tests for the impact on an app of the user preference settings provided by an operating system.
  • Distinguish between different tests required for native, web and hybrid applications.
  • Recall tests required for apps which are available on multiple platforms or operating system versions.
  • Recall tests required for co-existence and interoperability with other apps.
  • Summarize the tests for connectivity testing, including those across networks, when using Bluetooth and when switching to flight mode.
  • Prepare Installability tests for mobile apps.
  • Prepare stress tests for mobile apps.
  • Give examples of security issues related to mobile apps.
  • Recall time and resource behaviour considerations for mobile apps.
  • Prepare usability tests for mobile apps.
  • Recognize the type of tests required for database testing of mobile apps.
  • Summarize the tests required for internationalization (globalization) and localization testing of mobile apps.
  • Summarize the need for accessibility testing in mobile application testing.
  • Business and technology drivers
  • Mobile applications test types
  • Common test types and test processes for mobile applications
  • Mobile application platforms, tools and environment
  • Automating the test execution


This is an intensive two-day virtual course that includes the following:

  • All accompanying course material                                                                   
  • The cost of the exam 

Optional extra

  • Pass Protect exam insurance - A cost effective solution, providing insurance and peace of mind if things don’t go to plan with your first exam attempt. For more information and terms and conditions click here

Delegates will be provided with a Pearson VUE exam voucher one week prior to course commencement. This enables you to book and sit your exam at your local Pearson VUE testing centre at a time and date convenient to you.  Pearson VUE centres are worldwide, and you will be able to choose the closest testing centre to you. You then go along to the test centre with your photo ID at the specified date and time and you will then take an electronic exam. Your exam voucher will have an expiration date and your exam must be sat before this date as these vouchers cannot be extended.

Exam format

The Mobile Application Testing Foundation Level exam is multiple choice. There are 40 questions. To pass the exam, at least 65% of the questions (i.e., 26 questions) must be answered correctly. Hands on objectives and exercises will not be examined.

The Foundation Level qualification is aimed at anyone involved in software testing who wishes to broaden their knowledge of Mobile Application Testing or anyone who wishes to start a specialist career in Mobile Application Testing.

The ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate must be obtained before taking this exam.

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