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Agile originated from software development, and as a result, most techniques provide guidance on continuous delivery, meaning it's about iterative development and frequent releases or updates, rather than one big project that delivers a product at the end. Therefore, when applied to project management, it differs from the more traditional methods.

It's a flexible approach to project management based on principles of continuous improvement and collaboration – teams are encouraged to work together efficiently and creatively. Projects run in an agile way use quick, iterative project release cycles, meaning teams work in small, doable increments and regularly evaluate requirements and results.

Agile methods allow for changes to be made based on stakeholder feedback, which means scope can evolve over the lifecycle of a project. In an agile project, only time and cost are fixed.

These days, many organisations use a blend of approaches to manage and deliver projects, which is why an increasing number of project managers are looking to upskill with agile training.

Advance your career with ILX's agile courses

We offer a wide variety of agile training for project managers. Our courses will teach you how to use different techniques and methodologies – like Scrum and Kanban – and will also help you to scale Agile within your business.

But how do you know which agile project management course is the best fit for you?

AgilePM® training courses

Are you fairly new to project management and to agile? Then this is the best option for you. It will provide you with the governance and framework to run a project using the principles of agile, and is specifically designed for the project manager, rather than other members of the project team.

> AgilePM training

PRINCE2 Agile® training courses

This qualification teaches you how to blend agile techniques with the PRINCE2® methodology. To truly benefit from what you'll learn on this course, we recommend that you already have your PRINCE2 certification and are using it to manage projects.

> PRINCE2 Agile training

Scrum training courses

Scrum is a framework used to deliver complex products through effective team collaboration.

The Scrum Master certification is designed for those responsible for promoting and supporting Scrum, by helping everyone understand Scrum theory, practices, rules, and values.

The Scrum Product Owner certification is aimed at those accountable for maximising the value of products and solutions developed by the Scrum Team. The Scrum Product Owner is also accountable for effective Product Backlog management.

> Scrum training

AgileBA® training courses

This agile training course uses the same framework as the AgilePM, but is from the point of view of a business analyst, so is perfect for any business analysts working in an agile environment.

> AgileBA training

Other agile training courses available from ILX include AgileDS™, Agile Change Agent™, Agile and Scrum Foundation, Agile Scrum Master (ASM®) and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®.

Agile courses

Learn in-demand project management skills trainers in the industry

Agile is a world-renowned framework which originated from software development. Agile project management techniques can be used by different sectors across your organisation and various industries to improve collaboration and processes between teams. Take an ILX Agile project management course to gain valuable skills that open new doors in your career.

  • AgilePM, Scrum Master, and PRINCE2 Agile® courses
  • E-learning, virtual, and classroom training
  • Get an internationally recognised certification

Advance your IT career with ILX Agile training

Agile training is ideal for professionals who are looking to further their project management careers. Agile promotes a dynamic approach to project management, helping project managers to adapt to changing requirements and deliver projects more efficiently, avoiding delays and project overruns. Which is why organisations across all industries are frequently looking for people with this skillset.

Agile project management allows organisations to stay nimble and keep project timelines on track. With Agile, it's possible to execute projects smoothly, ensure high-quality product releases and encourage collaboration between team members. The iterative nature of Agile also promotes learning and allows project managers to evaluate the process and make necessary modifications as needed.

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