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Apprentice week 1: Agile fish caught in a waterfall

With the return this week to the small screen of everyone's favourite boardroom, comes once again the oppor-tuna-ty to scrutinise every specification, every decision, and every risk managed by each team; inevitably leading to those two most feared of words. Challenge 1 – Early AM, head straight f...

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Apprentice Episode 2 - Product Owner vs. Project Manager

No I in team; No me in Cacti Challenge 2 - Create a brand of shampoo, with a USP of the key ingredient, being cactus oil. Brand, bottle, produce and market. The marketing challenge has been one of the more memorable tasks, in successive series. Chapter 2 of the 2015 ordeal was no different, w...

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Apprentice Episode 3 - Emotional Intelligence

Listen very carefully, I shall say zis only once... Communication. Communication. Communication. Working in, guiding, leading and managing a team (at least a moderately successful one), hinges upon clear, concise, and confident communication. Equally, a negotiation depends on both parties unde...

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ILX at the Higher and Further Education Show – Excel, London

Last week ILX was delighted to announce its presence at the Higher and Further Education Show. This is the only event in the UK that brings together senior decision makers and business leaders from the worlds of higher and further education to discuss, network, learn and procure services. ILX has...

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Star Attraction: how can organisations recruit and retain talented project professions? Autumn 2015 issue of Project

Read our PDF on Star Attraction by Dennis Sheehan and Chis Jones. Click here to read the article

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Project professionals value work/life balance over pay and career progression

A recent survey by Progility Recruitment reveals that work/life balance is the top consideration among project managers and PMOs looking to change jobs. When asked to specify what was most important when looking for a new job 46% of respondents said that work/life balance was top of their lis...

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Navigating through Agile – asking the right questions

In June 2015, PRINCE2 AgileTM was born, combining the best of both the PRINCE2® and the Agile worlds. Project managers and organisations who have thrown their lot in with agile approaches or methodologies could be forgiven for being confused about what PRINCE2 Agile offers that is not covered by Agi...

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