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Let’s all ‘Be More Bruce’ – By Siobhan Ellard

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, like many organisations, the ILX team’s way of working has evolved to a hybrid workforce model, with the entire salesforce working the majority of their week from home. Whilst this has many benefits, such as the ability to recruit the best people irrespecti...

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Could taking an Agile approach to project management be the future?

Ongoing technological evolutions have made the working world complex and unpredictable, meaning many traditional project management approaches may now be too rigid for some of the challenges facing organisations. As the pace of change across the business world continues to accelerate, Agile is pr...

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Using AI to predict and mitigate project risks

In project management, risk refers to any uncertainty or potential challenge that can impact a project’s success. Risks are inevitable, however, with the right process they can be mitigated to ensure minimal impact on the project’s success. Traditionally risk management has relied heavily on huma...

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Shining a spotlight on The Menopause Charity - Our ILX Group charity of the year

Last year, through a range of fundraising activity including a hike up Mount Snowdon, a Tough Mudder and multiple bake sales, we were able to raise a total of £8,174 for our two focus charities, Cardiomyopathy UK and Don’t Lost Hope. This year we’ve selected our new charity, The Menopause Charity...

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Become a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP): A roadmap through the Praxis Framework™

According to a report from the Association for Project Management, 58% of Chartered Project Professionals (ChPP) earn over £70,000 annually. The ChPP is an APM Recognised Assessment Scheme, reaching this standard is a professional benchmark that demonstrates an individual’s ability to consistently d...

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Why is the Praxis Framework™ essential for effective project, programme, and portfolio management (P3M)?

Project managers face many challenges in their day-to-day work from ensuring that scope and budgets do not creep beyond initial agreements, to maintaining good communication throughout the project team and meeting fast-approaching deadlines. Implementing a structured approach, such as the Praxis...

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Support (or lack of) from internal and external stakeholders can make or break a project

In this series of blogs we’ve been outlining core skills that teams need for managing projects, programmes, and portfolios. In this last one, we’re discussing why stakeholder management is an essential ability. The importance of stakeholder management The public sector, as well as other organi...

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