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Learning and Development

How can you engage and motivate employees to participate in training?

Employee training and development are pivotal for the growth of any organisation. Effective training not only enhances the skill set of your employees but also boosts job satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty to the company. However, one of the biggest challenges businesses face is getting their e...

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Measuring ROI in learning and development: Beyond certificates and badges

With businesses closely examining every penny spent in the organisation, one area that can face limited budgets is learning and development (L&D). As a result, there is increased focus on how to best harness L&D to bolster their bottom line. Training, often viewed through the lens of comp...

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Creating a learning culture: Strategies for continuous improvement

Creating a culture of continuous improvement within an organisation is essential for maintaining competitiveness, fostering innovation, and ensuring long-term success. This ethos encourages everyone in the company to always look for ways to improve processes, products, and services. As the name s...

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How to choose the right training method for you?

When looking to learn a new skill, grow your knowledge base, or achieve a certification that will propel your career and development forward, there are many considerations, from time and cost investment to how you will learn best. With a plethora of learning methods available, individuals and org...

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Developing an adaptable and productive workforce for the future: The trends and challenges facing senior leadership teams in 2024

Aiming to answer the questions: what are the trends impacting learning and development (L&D) in 2024? What are the most in-demand skills? And how can organisations build the skills they need? For its third annual research report, ILX Group surveyed 250 business, HR and L&D senior leaders to...

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Maximising your L&D strategy for success: How to get the most out of training for your learners and organisation

According to a report by LinkedIn Learning, the skills needed for jobs have changed around 25% in the last ten years. In the next three years, the skill sets are expected to change by as much as 50%. With this in mind, a robust learning and development (L&D) strategy is needed to ensure organisa...

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Are you neglecting the missing piece of the training puzzle? The synergy of professional and technical skills

With more and more organisations looking to streamline their L&D budgets in 2024, there is a real need to make training count. As a result, many organisations hone in on the technical skills, or the ‘hard skills’, and perhaps undervalue the need to develop professional or ‘soft skills’ and reali...

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