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Data Science careers in 2022

There is barely an industry untouched by data science in 2022! Its applications are becoming increasingly varied, and a wide range of companies are recognising its potential. Data science allows businesses to handle and analyse huge quantities of data in order to understand customer needs, demands and behaviours. It also works to identify business requirements and trends ahead of time, and assists organisations with making informed decisions from tangible values.

Data science applications and roles are diverse and exciting, and as such, there is great opportunity in this career field. The demand for qualified professionals is huge, and with certified data science training and real world experience, you can set yourself up for career success in a whole host of fields. Here are some careers where you can put your skills to good use…

Industries that are hiring in data science


The medical research field has captured our attention in recent years, no doubt as an impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is an appeal to medical science for people looking to enter a career where they can make a real difference. Data science is increasingly being used within medicine for diagnostics, where image datasets analysis can help researchers and doctors detect and understand issues.


The uses of data science for the transport industry are seemingly endless! From studying driver behaviours to vehicle tracking, improving routes and making cars safer. Companies such as Uber and Lyft are leveraging data science to gain insight in order to optimise their resources and logistics.

Data science, together with machine learning, is working to improve the performance of new cars too. By better understanding how the product is being used, car manufacturers can revise and elevate future models. When it comes to data science applications for the transport industry, the sky’s the limit…


Airline companies are using data science techniques to predict the market, offer competitive prices, decide the most efficient routes, analyse fuel consumption and costs, and much more. Profit margins are often tight for airline firms, and so, by utilising data science, they can look to do business better. They must be strategic in order to advance and maintain a profit, and data science can help them gain the insights to do just that.


In manufacturing, time is money, and companies shooting to work around the clock can do so victoriously through effective use of data science. By gathering and analysing different frameworks and libraries of data, data scientists can cut down on operational redundancy, overcome bottlenecks and optimise production rates like never before.

As well as solving problems, data science is helping businesses to understand the precise user requirements of products, as well as predicting quantities and preempting demand with better precision. Within manufacturing, data science professionals have the power to analyse datasets in order to reduce forecasting errors in the supply chain, better predict faults and minimise losses as a result.


Implementing data science within finance was a natural next step. In an industry based around mathematics, the information and numbers were ready for machine learning to have a great impact. Now in finance, data science is used for predictive analytics and is helping finance professionals (and increasingly virtual assistants too) to make customised recommendations to customers at appropriate times based on their banking habits.

Data science is also being utilised to make online banking ever safer. Through intelligence tools and machine learning algorithms, cyber-threats are being stopped and financial fraud can quickly be detected.


Data is essentially storytelling which gives business executives a full picture in order to make informed decisions. And so, it is becoming increasingly popular in marketing and advertising too. It presents companies of all genres with insight into customer behaviours, and analytics which allow for advanced personalisation of marketing approaches – the most obvious example of which is within internet search.

What are companies looking for?

The uses of data science don’t stop there either! It is advancing the gaming sector, education and furthering other technologies too, such as speech recognition and the use of bots. Data science has huge potential to drive and deliver the best results through its diverse applications. And so, companies are looking for individuals with the skills to harness data science to create data-driven solutions and innovate.

Here at ILX, we offer a Data Science training course where you can learn how to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. It teaches various data analytics techniques, and candidates will master data exploration, visualisation, predictive and descriptive analytics techniques too. During the course, you’ll get hands-on practice by implementing various real-life, industry-based projects in the domains of healthcare, retail, insurance, and many more.

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