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Scrum Master

Becoming scrum master certified with ILX

A highly esteemed role, the scrum master coaches, motivates and leads their Agile team. It's their responsibility to ensure the scrum framework is employed throughout the project. A scrum master must work to facilitate the scrum process in order to lead the project - and the team - to success.

How do I become a scrum master?

Becoming a scrum master is easier than you may think. Those in leadership roles will likely already have many of the soft skills required, such as the passion and drive to motivate teams, strong influence, and the ability to coach and teach others. For the rest, there is accredited scrum master training! More on that shortly.

Is it necessary to have a scrum master?

Those working in Agile environments may already utilise some scrum practices, such as daily scrum meetings or working in sprints. But by having a scrum master (and by training all team members in the scrum framework), you can benefit fully from all that the scrum project management methodology has to offer.

The scrum master sets out practices from the implementation stage, ensures that the processes are being effectively followed and facilitates them. They deliver the scrum process for the organisation, scrum team and product owner in order to progress the project successfully. It is their job to promote the process and coordinate the scrum team. In this way, no scrum team should be without a scrum master!

What scrum master training is available at ILX?

ABC scrum master certification at ILX

The ABC scrum master training course is delivered by APMG and Agile Business Consortium (ABC) accredited providers. With this professional certification course, candidates will gain the fundamental skills needed to be a successful scrum master.

The course uses the theory of the scrum framework and combines agile practices with scrum principles. Gaining ABC scrum master certification will help candidates on their journey to become an Agile project manager. It builds from the ground up, covering concepts such as basic agile scrum, kanban, Extreme Programming (XP) and test-driven development, along with teaching an understanding of how to implement, lead and support scrum.

ABC scrum master training is designed to be simple and accessible. The course is available in classroom and virtual formats, or in our ever-popular accredited e-learning format. With e-learning, you gain access to online materials and resources for 12 months – allowing you to learn anytime and anywhere you like. This highly engaging learning experience features real-world examples of challenges in the workplace, and course materials from certified scrum trainers. This ensures a deep understanding of how and why scrum works, and where it should be used.

Agile scrum master (ASM®) Certification at ILX

The Agile Scrum Master (ASM®) course is offered by Simplilearn, a partner of ILX Group. It combines Agile methodologies and scrum practices for a candidate to learn to become a certified scrum master.

By the end of the EXIN-certified course, which includes an Agile Scrum Master (ASM®) online exam, candidates will be able to lead a scrum team, help their organisation adopt the scrum methodology, and direct Agile transformations. The training covers:

  • Agile scrum terminologies
  • Agile scrum applications
  • Defining roles within scrum
  • How to create user stories
  • How to conduct sprint planning and reviews
  • How to run daily scrum meetings

Upon completion of the course, the certified scrum master will be proficient in shaping and refining best practices for getting maximum value from the scrum methodology within their company.

The Agile Scrum Master (ASM®) training course is available with the exam, or without the exam. There are no prerequisites for the course, but you must have completed the training in order to take the certification exam. It is an ‘on-demand’ style e-learning course, and is accessible for 12 months from purchase, allowing you to learn at your own pace, and fit studying into your work life with ease. The training includes two live scrum projects to help you apply the skills you have learned and truly embed the knowledge of how scrum works in a real-life setting.

Where can scrum master certification take me?

Agile and scrum skills are highly prized for any project professional. Scrum is very well suited to those in management and leadership roles, and product owners. It is especially relevant for those working in the fields of IT, project management, and software development.

That said, Agile and scrum practices are increasingly used in a host of industries outside of software development, such as service management, marketing, HR, and business management, where the scrum framework allows them to solve complex problems in a more efficient way. As such, a strong knowledge of scrum is an in-demand skill, and of great value for a host of careers.

Understand the theory, apply the methods, and excel in real-world application with scrum master training at ILX.