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Lean Six Sigma training Learn how to enhance manufacturing quality and business processes
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Course type: E-learning
Duration: Approx 12 hours
Delivery: Online

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (APMG) Training Course E-learning

This course teaches how to enhance manufacturing quality and business processes. It is the perfect foundation for anyone that wants to be a Six Sigma professional. 

Become a certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Six Sigma has a multi-level structure, with some ‘belts’ above the other.

This Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course will teach you to become a “Yellow Belt,” - the most basic Lean Sigma Six certification level. It is different from the White Belt, which refers to those who have not undergone a formal certification program).

You can work with professionals qualified in the Green Belt and Black Belt with a yellow belt certification.

ILX's e-learning courses allow you to study for your six sigma certification exam at a time and pace that suits you.

About the course

The ILX Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt accredited e-learning is for those delegates who wish to gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology.

You’ll learn about the Sigma Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge, which is the combination of topics and subject matter that every Yellow Belt must know. 

The training also teaches how to work effectively with, or as a member of, a process improvement and project team working within an environment supporting Lean Six Sigma. 

You’ll learn about lean management, quality management, cost savings, development of process maps and gain practical experience on how to implement whatever you cover in the course. 

This course is not only for beginners, as Executive Champions that require an overview of Six Sigma and DMAIC also find this Six Sigma training beneficial. 

The e-learning helps prepare you for the formal examination offered by APMG.

Who is a Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

  • This is a professional well-versed in the foundational elements of Lean Six Sigma methodology. A Yellow Belt can lead a limited improvement project or serve as a team member led by a professional who has passed Green Belt or Black Belt programs. 

What are the belt colours for Lean Six Sigma?

  • The colours denote ranking and are (in ascending order of superiority):

Why should I choose the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

  • A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is a great starter course for anyone looking to learn more about Six Sigma. You’ll have the foundation to pursue Green Belt and Black Belt levels quickly by having a Yellow Belt certification. 
  • Generally, Six Sigma opens new doors within careers and improves a person's overall understanding of their industry for those who have mastered it. 
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is also worth it because it can cause an increase in an organisation's profits, help management properly allocate training budgets, reduce costs, and equip team members to handle their roles and responsibilities better.

Is Six Sigma Yellow Belt difficult

  • This course by ILX is self-paced, so you can choose how quickly you want to learn. In addition, the training adequately prepares you to pass your Lean Sigma Yellow Belt certification exam. 

Is the programme 100% online?

  • Yes, this is an online training programme, you don’t have to attend any physical classes


The course will take approximately 12 hours of training to complete — all online.


There are no prerequisites for this e-learning training.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, you should remember, recognise, and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology’s theories, concepts, models, and tools. 

Specifically, what you’ll learn are:

  • The general philosophy of process improvement; the important process improvement methods; process mapping; history of essential methods; the importance of process improvement. 
  • How improvement projects should be executed; identifying customers and their requirements; project management team formation; project charter, and some project management tools.
  • The proper and organised work environment, reliable equipment, and standardised work needed for a solid foundation for future process improvement projects.
  • Setup and facilitation of Kaizen teams; problem-solving and brainstorming techniques; basic quality tools that help create a continuous improvement culture. 
  • Tools and techniques to visualise, analyse, and improve the logistical flow of processes and follow the DMAIC structure to create stable and efficient operations. 
  • The application of Six Sigma and statistical tools ensure a valid and reliable performance measurement system to collect data and to analyse the performance, and reduce variation in stable processes by following DMAIC structure in quality breakthrough improvement projects to create capable processes that improve customer satisfaction. 
  • 12 months online access to our accredited Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course

Optional extras

  • The cost of the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam: to be taken online via remote proctor, within 12 months of purchase
  • Climbing the Mountain Yellow & Orange Belt (Mindset, Skillset & Toolset for Lean Six Sigma) book

What's covered?

Here’s what this training covers:

  • Introduction
  • World class performance
  • Project Management
  • Creating a solid foundation
  • Creating a continuous improvement culture
  • Creating stable & efficient processes
  • Creating capable processes

Target audience

This e-learning qualification offers basic knowledge and is aimed at key staff, process owners, aspiring managers, and others taking part in business performance improvement projects, including:

  • Improvement Managers
  • Operational line managers and staff
  • Team Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • IT Managers
  • HR Managers

The exam is not included with this course but is available as an optional extra.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam is taken online via a remote proctor. You can find more information about the exam and the technical requirements here. 

Exam format

  • Multiple-choice format
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 32 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) 
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Open book
  • No calculator allowed
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