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Communication Stakeholder Management classroom

You need a range of skills and approaches to influence and manage stakeholders appropriately and successfully. This course provides all the understanding, practical skills and approaches you need to be successful with stakeholders.

About the course

Do you need to influence your project stakeholders to:

  • Face painful realities?
  • Manage their reaction to bad news and difficult conversations?
  • Make decisions they may not want to make?
  • Manage their expectations?
  • Give discretionary effort they don’t want to give?
  • Influence others that only they can reach?

This course provides all the understanding, practical skills and approaches you need to be successful with stakeholders.


One day workshop

Learning objectives

  • Be able to identify, map and segment stakeholders
  • Learn about the ways we impact on others
  • Gain an understanding of interpersonal (verbal and non-verbal) communication
  • Learn how to design stakeholder communication and influencing strategies

What's covered?

Influencing others

  • Values-based influencing
  • Understanding how you seek to influence others
  • Defining new strategies for influencing
  • Self-awareness and your impact on others
  • Unconscious intent and the negative impact of low self-awareness


Effective interpersonal communication  

  • Using non-verbal communication to strengthen your position
  • Mirroring the recipient’s language to promote rapport
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to effective communication
  • Using marketing techniques to engage stakeholders
  • Planning stakeholder messages to generate positive responses


Persuasion and influence

  • Express ideas and thoughts in a neutral way
  • Gaining others’ agreement and commitment to change
  • Pull versus push influencing


Relationships and influence

  • Transactional analysis and influence
  • Understanding other people’s world view
  • Using relationship to generate understanding


Managing and where possible avoiding negative conflict

  • What is conflict?
  • How does it arise?
  • What is positive conflict?
  • Assertive techniques for avoiding negative conflict
  • Conflict management techniques for powerful influencing
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations - minimising conflict


Negotiation approaches: creating win/win results

  • Ethical negotiation
  • Influencing techniques negotiating skills to reach a deal
  • Negotiation tactics: competitive, avoidance, compromising, collaborative
  • Understanding other people’s positions and the interest that lies behind them


Stakeholder management and the art of values-based influencing

  • Apply influencing strategies to gain commitment from others
  • Foster collaboration through honest dialogue
  • Adjust the way you communicate depending on the person in front of you
  • Achieve goals by enhancing trust and cooperation
  • Deal effectively with challenging behaviours
  • Straightforward strategies to overcome resistance and inertia in others
  • Use knowledge and competence to influence others

Target audience

This workshop is for those who wish to become more successful in communicating the benefits of their activities, ideas and projects to stakeholders and influence them through strategies and personal impact.

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