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Introducing the Enterprise Licence

Every organisation is different. A one size fits all approach to learning is an inefficient method to make a real business impact. That’s why we are proud to introduce the Enterprise Licence. This is a bespoke solution for our corporate clients. It tailors learning plans to your specific organisation and team members’ skill sets on a person per person basis. That means team members can forgo entire training courses that are only somewhat beneficial. Instead, they can focus on the areas that will increase efficiency and ROI. This is our flexible, customised and dedicated approach to learning and development.

Getting Started

The Enterprise Licence is available to any number of users over 10. Each user will undertake the ILX 3CAT assessment. This assessment will establish their project management competence. 3CAT assessments create a profile of the learner’s strengths and weaknesses. We at ILX Group can then propose the most relevant learning modules from our e-learning portfolio.

Developing the Learning Plan

We also tailor learning plans to your organisation’s requirements, as well as the learner’s weaknesses. We will pinpoint the learning elements that users need to improve, saving time and money on entire training courses. The Enterprise Licence does more than highlight where users need to improve. It also offers the solution through the tailored learning programme.

Executing the Learning Plan

This learning programme is rolled out through your dedicated portal, our ILX Connect team will provide close support at every stage of the process. With your plan, you also get full support from the ILX tutor panel, our in-house experts who make our e-learning content award winning.

ILX incorporates intelligence gathered over 25 years of supporting clients and we have a 97% customer care rating awarded by Feefo. We hope to maximise the ROI for training by our support team, who will endeavour to remove any obstacles in the learner’s path.

What’s Included in the Licence

The 3CAT assessment is included in the price of the Enterprise Licence. It also grants users 12 months’ access to 18 ILX award winning online learning courses. That is equivalent to over 250 hours of learning available to each user. Learners can even log in to the ILX Player App, where video content can be downloaded and viewed offline. So for no extra fee, users can access course material anywhere, anytime.

Along with support from tutors and ILX Connect team members, the Enterprise Licence includes access to the ILX Connect service, bronze level. You can sign up to receive quarterly reporting, which allows you to track learner progress. Dashboards allow training administrators to deliver internal training processes to learners. Doing this allows the administrators to streamline internal training. When it comes time to book examinations for learners, ILX Connect also contains exam administration support.

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