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Project manager interview questions

By ILX Team | 21 January 2019

A good project manager can make a big difference to the success of a business. Helping to drive projects forward, keep teams motivated and achieve set goals, these talented individuals can add real value and real dynamism to a company. To find the right project manager for your company, you must...

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How to build an Agile team

By ILX Team | 9 January 2019

People who are new to Agile often ask the same questions. Two of the most common are ‘What are the roles on an Agile team?’ and ‘What is the team structure?’. The answer to these questions depends on several factors, most notably the size of the team involved. The Agile team structure for a group of...

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Santa Claus: Programme Manager

By ILX Team | 13 December 2018

Packed out shopping centres, festive music on repeat, clearing out the freezer in preparation for the copious amounts of food that will soon fill it, and the last-minute dash to get that present you forgot for your partner’s cousin’s niece…the run up to Christmas is manic to say the least! We’re sur...

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Building a credible, capable and competent workforce – an enterprise-level approach. Part 2

By ILX Team | 3 December 2018

Welcome to the second part of our blog on building a credible, competent and capable workforce. In part one, we looked at formalising job families and selecting the right competencies; in part two we will look at building a rating system that works for your teams, and running an assessment. Establi...

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Building a credible, capable and competent workforce – an enterprise-level approach. Part 1

By ILX Team | 27 November 2018

One of the more enlightening conversations I can remember having with a board of directors was when I was suggesting that perhaps, given that the company was in a remarkably bad position at the time, we should look at the competence of the people managing our projects. We had just written off around...

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Creating a Project Plan

By ILX Team | 26 November 2018

However big or small your project, a detailed and well-thought out plan will help it run smoothly and achieve the best results. In fact, creating this plan is one of the most important parts of the entire process. Get it right, and you’ll get your project off to the perfect start and arm your team w...

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Are the odds in your favour?

By ILX Team | 6 November 2018

The concept of risk management is not a foreign one to most people who have encountered a project. Of course, we have all seen risk registers and spoken of the risks in a project, but we sometimes fail to make the distinction between things – often negative things – that are already happening, and r...

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