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Python, R or SAS: which language should data scientists learn first?

By ILX Team | 5 December 2019

Often, when you’re learning a new skill, the hardest thing is knowing where to start. This is especially true with data science or programming in general. There are so many languages you could learn, all of which are bundled up in terminology that can seem dense and strange when you’re unfamiliar wi...

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5 benefits of project management

By ILX Team | 28 October 2019

Effective project management can make an otherwise bumpy road feel smooth. It will ensure projects come in on time, on budget and with satisfied customers. Here are five key ways in which project management is crucial for success. 1. Clear leadership from the start Even the best laid out plans can...

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Stakeholder management: building the right communication plan

By ILX Team | 22 October 2019

Stakeholder management is important in any project, irrespective of its size. It is the lifeblood of project relationships. After all, these individuals and/or groups have significant influence over the project’s success. You need know your stakeholders and their unique communication needs. So just...

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AgilePM® vs PRINCE2 Agile®: which one’s for you?

By ILX Team | 7 October 2019

AgilePM® or PRINCE2 Agile®? It’s a question we’ve heard many times, and one that’s not often easy to answer. It’s a little like choosing a wine – it so often depends on the dish it accompanies, and your personal taste and preference. What are the key differences between the two? AgilePM originates...

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What is a Statement of Work?

By ILX Team | 19 September 2019

The Statement of Work (SoW) is easily one of the most important project documents. Created at the start of the project, this is an agreement between a client and an agency. It outlines what the project does and does not include. What does a Statement of Work include? Essentially, the SoW captu...

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Things can only get better…

By ILX Team | 5 September 2019

Forget new year for a fresh start – in today’s fast-paced, digital world, businesses can no longer afford to wait for annual milestones to start making changes in their organisation; adopting an improvement mindset has to become ‘part of the furniture’, as it were. Part of ITIL®’s entire culture...

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What is project scope?

By ILX Team | 27 August 2019

Scoping a project resolves questions and issues related to project goals. The scope determines the deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines. It’s the big picture view of the project. Importance of a project scope Project managers need a clear scope for assigning tasks and scheduling deadlines....

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