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Free ILX Presentation at Project Challenge Spring Show 2017

By ILX Team | 23 February 2017

One of ILX’s experienced trainers, Karen Swanston, will be speaking at Project Challenge Expo in Olympia, London on 22 March. Make sure you are there at 2pm for her session, unravelling the project management conundrum with PRINCE2. Many people are eager to learn PRINCE2, and even more eager to i...

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MSP Principles & Processes

By ILX Team | 21 February 2017

MSP Principles Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) identifies the following principles of effective programme management and suggests how to put them into practice: Programme Management Organisation - giving people clear roles, responsibilities, leadership and lines of communication. Ther...

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What Is Programme Management?

By ILX Team | 14 February 2017

A programme is a set of related projects and programme management is the practice of overseeing them. The end goal of a programme is to improve the organisation’s performance. Because of that, programme management has to be in line with the organisation’s goals. These strategic goals are usually...

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M_o_R® - Why Best Practice Solutions Are So Compatible with Each Other, Pt. 2

By ILX Team | 8 February 2017

You may have already read our article on how MoV complements other best practice guidances. Management of Risk (M_o_R) is part of the same best practice portfolio. So it’s not surprising that it also integrates with some of the world’s most popular best practice frameworks. Where M_o_R Is Complem...

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Why Best Practice Solutions Are So Compatible with Each Other - Pt. 1 MoV®

By ILX Team | 23 January 2017

Management of Value (MoV) is useful for all kinds of activity. Aside from project and programme management, MoV is used in policy-making, service reviews and product redesigns. MoV processes also complement many different frameworks and methods. Where MoV Is Complementary The main purpose of M...

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Accredited Project Management Training – what are my options?

By ILX Team | 11 January 2017

The world of Accredited Project Management training can seem quite daunting at first, so here we will help you decide what project management qualification/s will suit your needs and budget.   What Accredited Project Management Training Courses are available? PRINCE2 Project Management Tr...

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Top ILX Certifications to Advance Your Career

By ILX Team | 2 January 2017

APMG-International Change Management ™ The ability to adapt to change, be it tactical or structural, is vital for the survival of any business. The AMPG qualification shows how to minimise risks resulting from failed business changes. The APMG is ideal for business change managers and project...

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