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How e-learning has opened doors for businesses such as Boots, Colt and Atradius

By ILX Team | 24 March 2020

As the trend, and even the need, for remote working continues to rise, so too does the need to upskill from home. Remote learning has the power to realign scattered workforces. It offers a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Here we take a look at just some of the companies who have undergo...

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Communication is key when you are in the middle

By ILX Team | 17 March 2020

As the middle man or woman, a large part of a project manager’s role is communication. Project managers need to know how best to communicate up the hierarchy to senior management, clients, stakeholders; as well as down to teams, freelancers and contractors. Read on to discover the important role...

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How are we responding to the Coronavirus situation?

By ILX Team | 12 March 2020

We are keeping a close eye on the Coronavirus situation and have taken extensive precautionary and preventative measures across our business. The wellbeing, health and safety of our customers, staff and associates remains our top priority. We understand how important it is to continue to provide...

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How to make training part of your corporate strategy

By ILX Team | 27 February 2020

When it comes to your corporate strategy, training is a key element, though it is often overlooked. Training has the potential to upskill employees at every level, better equipping them to perform and excel in their roles. It can improve productivity throughout your organisation, and can hugely bene...

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How to become a cloud engineer without a technical background

By ILX Team | 20 February 2020

According to a 2019 report by NetEnrich, 68% of IT departments currently use cloud infrastructures to store their data. With this figure set to increase rapidly in 2020 and beyond, there has never been a better time to become a cloud engineer. In fact, TechRepublic reported the role was one of the m...

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Five ways to invest in yourself this Valentine’s Day

By ILX Team | 12 February 2020

It’s Friday night; one person excitedly gets ready for a romantic evening full of promise, while another hurries out of a 24-hour supermarket with a hastily-bought bunch of roses. One couple sit at home in their pyjamas getting a Chinese takeaway (but they split the last spring roll because, even af...

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A Project Manager’s guide to Valentine’s Day

By ILX Team | 10 February 2020

An annual celebration, the day of love, St Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. While the more cynical of us may see it as one big marketing ploy, for others it is the most romantic day in the calendar year and one that needs celebrating! Whatever your view, embrace this given opportunity to show yo...

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