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ILX's The Apprentice Review: Episode 3

This week, the teams were tasked to program a robot to sell to larger retailers, then select a toy to sell to smaller retailers. Despite Team Vitality out-selling Team Graphene in smaller toy sales by a massive £4,308.05, they received no larger orders. Graphene’s impressive total order value of £57...

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The Future of e-Learning

The value of the e-learning market is expected to reach about $331 billion by 2025. A lot of research and development goes into e-learning solutions. So what will the market look like by then, and what new features will we promote? These are three areas that we predict will receive a lot of attentio...

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ILX's The Apprentice Review: Episode 2

Interior Decorating? It's a Numbers Game It’s Week 2. There’s still a weird gender war, the tasks are simpler, and the prizes for the winners aren’t quite helicopter rides and champagne yet. This week, the teams were given a room each in the gorgeous, luxury Stoke Park Hotel to design, decorate and...

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Three ways to enhance the value of project management training

Training in the fundamentals and practice of project management, whether it is based on PRINCE2®, Agile, or the professional ‘Bodies of Knowledge’, is a proven step towards building effective project delivery capabilities. However, as training is also a serious investment, it makes sense to consider...

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ILX's The Apprentice Review: Episode 1

Managing Difficult Project Team Members The Apprentice is back for its 13th season, and we can’t wait to pick apart all the disasters and successes (mostly disasters) that are bound to be in store for us. In this series, we’ll be taking a look at each episode from a project management perspective...

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Project Management Lessons We Can Learn from Chick Flicks

Project management relates to nearly everything we do, and from makeovers to match-making, no-one does projects like the heroines of our favourite chick flicks. In this blog post, we look at the project management successes and failures from arguably the best three ever made: Mean Girls, Clueless an...

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The History of Agile Project Management

Who invented agile project management? Well, agile is not a trademarked term, but rather a set of ideas.  Therefore, it’s hard to place a single name or firm date on its creation. The best way to understand agile’s origin, is to piece together the major breakthroughs that informed it. 1910s-1940s...

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