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Finding the hidden treasure in your project processes

Nothing is worth less than “hidden treasure” but if you can find the treasures buried just below the surface of your everyday project routines, you can quickly add real value to your process. Most project frameworks are familiar and yours is probably no different. Standardised reporting? Check...

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Happy International Women’s Day from ILX!

International Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to recognise (and celebrate!) the work, lives struggles and achievements of women around the world. Project Management has been a typically male-dominated role since its infancy, and even today the ratio still sits at 70:30. However, this is chang...

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Do you know how to create a successful work breakdown structure?

As we all know, no matter how big the task you can get on top of it by organising it into manageable chunks. If you are struggling to work out how to organise the tasks within your project, an effective work breakdown structure (WBS, found in the APM Body of Knowledge and the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edit...

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12 Leadership Styles of the Chinese Zodiac

To celebrate this Chinese New Year of the Dog, we thought we'd put a Project Management twist on the animals of the zodiac, and match them to 12 different leadership styles! Which one are you? The Rat (2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948) – Coaching Leadership Rats are believed to have generall...

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Project Manage Your Valentine's Day

You may believe that Valentine’s Day is about flowers, chocolates, expensive watches and other material goods, but you’re wrong: it’s about Project Management. When we think about it - whether you’re happily single, coupled or hoping to find that special someone – treating every one of your Valentin...

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Joining Sponsors Anonymous?

Here's the 10-point programme you're going to need! Spare a thought for the executive level of project leadership — those of us who may be designated project executives, project sponsors, senior owners, and the like. These people are generally senior members of staff, and therefore (by common a...

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How to Get a Project Management Job

A project manager takes charge planning, executing and delivering projects. Project managers can work in any industry. They're most often associated with engineering, finance, IT and marketing. Not only is it a satisfying role, it's also in high demand. These are the steps you should follow to ge...

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