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Project Management

Essential digital skills for the modern PMO

Your Project Management Office (PMO) is the hub of projects and the administrative function that enables them to run efficiently and effectively. To keep projects on time and budget, PMOs need to keep track of events, meetings, governance, and resources. Historically, this administrative work has in...

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Why is the Praxis Framework™ essential for effective project, programme, and portfolio management (P3M)?

Project managers face many challenges in their day-to-day work from ensuring that scope and budgets do not creep beyond initial agreements, to maintaining good communication throughout the project team and meeting fast-approaching deadlines. Implementing a structured approach, such as the Praxis...

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Support (or lack of) from internal and external stakeholders can make or break a project

In this series of blogs we’ve been outlining core skills that teams need for managing projects, programmes, and portfolios. In this last one, we’re discussing why stakeholder management is an essential ability. The importance of stakeholder management The public sector, as well as other organi...

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Effective communication is essential to the success of projects, programmes, and portfolios

In our last four blogs we’ve discussed some core skills that will help teams to improve the way they manage projects, programmes, and portfolios. And in this one we’re going to outline why good communication skills are essential. Why should your teams develop communication skills? Good communi...

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Ensure your project budgets are based on reliable projections

Over the last week or so our blog series has identified the importance of three core skills that your teams need when managing projects, programmes and portfolios. In this blog, we’re going to look at the impact that ineffective budget management may have. Why do your public sector teams need goo...

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What is the Praxis Framework™?

Effective project management is integral to a successful business. A report from the Project Management Institute estimated that by 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-orientated roles. Training individuals in a certification scheme such as Praxis Framewo...

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What does the change from ‘themes’ to ‘practices’ in PRINCE2® 7 mean for you and your organisation?

This Autumn PRINCE2® 7 is set to launch and there are a few changes to the well-known project management framework. One of these updates involves a change in terminology from the ‘7 themes’ to ‘7 practices’. The term practice is used often in project and programme management, so the PRINCE2 7 gui...

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