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Could taking an Agile approach to project management be the future?

Ongoing technological evolutions have made the working world complex and unpredictable, meaning many traditional project management approaches may now be too rigid for some of the challenges facing organisations. As the pace of change across the business world continues to accelerate, Agile is pr...

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Introducing our new Agile learning path

Projects that are run using an agile approach have been found to be 1.5x more successful than those using a waterfall methodology[1]. Which is why it’s no surprise that in today’s fast-paced world, Agile project management is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for many organisations. Agi...

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Becoming scrum master certified with ILX

A highly esteemed role, the scrum master coaches, motivates and leads their Agile team. It's their responsibility to ensure the scrum framework is employed throughout the project. A scrum master must work to facilitate the scrum process in order to lead the project - and the team - to success. Ho...

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5 ways to implement Agile successfully

If you have already committed to making the transition to Agile practices, then you likely already know the endless benefits of this methodology. Agile boasts better product quality, a reduction in risks, and continuous improvement. This proactive project management approach meets the demands of the...

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How to become a Project Manager

Project management can be a challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and varied career. Increasingly, organisations of all sizes and industries have the need for talented project professionals to bring their projects in on time and on budget. The demand for these skills isn’t showing any signs of dwindlin...

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How to sustain the momentum of continuous improvement

Organisations will often introduce initiatives in order to motivate employees. As they strive to do better, companies will set targets for their teams and offer rewards when goals are met. It’s nothing new; businesses have been incentivising good performance for decades. However, many organisatio...

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What is Scrum training?

If your company is shifting towards a more agile way of working you may have heard the term ‘scrum’ bandied about. But what is the scrum framework? How does it link to agile practices? And what training is available to support you when mastering scrum? Read on to find out. What is scrum? As we’ve...

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