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Mastering AI, driving productivity and filling skills gaps: The top priorities for L&D in 2024

Our annual research report is launching this month, but here are some initial exciting insights that we want to share with you. As with previous years, we have surveyed a series of 250 business, HR, and L&D leaders as part of our ILX Group research report. This allows us to identify the trends that are impacting decision-making, the most in-demand skills, and the delivery methods that are being prioritised, as well as understanding the challenges facing organisations this coming year.

What is driving the demand for L&D in 2024?

Topping the list this year, skills shortages continue to drive demand in 39% of organisations. A fact that is supported by the fact that 40% of organisations anticipate budget increases to address skills gaps.

But perhaps more interestingly, ‘increased competition from digital natives’ has moved from seventh position (where it has placed for the last two years) up to second, with 38% of respondents stating it is driving demand in their organisation. This jump demonstrates the increasing need for organisations to be Agile, adaptable and ensure they remain ahead of the curve, or face losing their competitive advantage.

The top areas for skills development

As expected, the top areas for skills development differs across areas within a business, here’s what we found when comparing the demand across functions:

  • Marketing and Sales: Artificial intelligence (29.3%), digital marketing (28.5%) and IT/enterprise service management (24.2%)
  • IT: IT/enterprise service management (30.1%), artificial intelligence (29.7%) and cloud (27.7%)
  • Finance: Management and leadership (23.4%), IT/enterprise service management (23%) and big data and analytics (22.6%)
  • Product development: Project and programme management (23.8%), DevOps (22.6%) and artificial intelligence (21.8%)
  • Operations: Artificial intelligence (24.6%), management and leadership (23.4%) and big data and analytics (22.6%)
  • R&D: Artificial intelligence (20.2%), automation (19.8%) and big data and analytics (19.4%)

A return to classroom teaching…

For a few years, e-learning and virtual classroom training were the only options available to organisations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, now business leaders have more choice again, and it seems they are making the most of this opportunity with 38% stating that they are only investing in face-to-face instructor-led training this year.

However, this is still beaten by the number of organisations that are hoping to combine a variety of delivery methods (40%). Allowing themselves to be flexible in the approach they take to L&D means organisations can build a more personalised learning programme that meets the needs of each employee, something which 80% of business say they are planning to do this year.

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