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How e-learning has opened doors for businesses such as Boots, Colt and Atradius

As the trend, and even the need, for remote working continues to rise, so too does the need to upskill from home. Remote learning has the power to realign scattered workforces. It offers a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Here we take a look at just some of the companies who have undergone training with us at ILX, and what it has meant for them.


Credit risk insurance firm Atradius rolled out PRINCE2 training for their staff all across Europe. They began with their team specifically responsible for delivering complex IT projects - approximately thirty people - but now have PRINCE2 online course materials openly licenced to all 4,000 of their employees worldwide. Atradius opted for an e-learning solution along with telephone support from qualified trainers in Germany, Belgium and the UK.

Brian Winterbourne, Programme Manager at Atradius comments:

“We wanted to fast track our project managers with PRINCE2 foundation training as we knew it would help standardise our internal processes and improve the way we managed projects.”

Adding that,

“It quickly became apparent that an e-learning solution would help give our busy staff greater flexibility to learn at times that suited them. We were surprised at how quickly our project managers and project coordinators started to use common language shortly after starting the course.”


High-street giant Boots have utilised ILX Connect since 2010 in order to upskill teams with PRINCE2 and MSP (Managing Successful Programme) training. The portal has given Boots employees a consistent level of support on their training journey, and enabled them to achieve positive results.

Nicola Lamplough, Implementation Manager - Support Office at Boots says;

“We started using the ILX distance learning approach to these programmes in August 2010 and the support we have had in the set up and on going development of the programme internally has been invaluable, particularly with the orientation sessions we run for new delegates.”

“Knowledge is key and they have provided us with the tools and expertise to guide our learners through their e-learning education.”

Boots’ delegates have utilised a range of features which accompany ILX’s remote training through e-learning, including on-hand tutors for advice, exam simulation, and revision notepad functionality.


Colt, a leading European provider of business communications, opted for flexible e-learning training to support and enhance the core skills of their project staff. E-learning enables trainees to learn at their own pace, avoiding the need to spend extended periods of time away from the project. What’s more, the training can be tailored, allowing individuals to target specific learning needs in relation to project activity.

Colt adopted a combination of four training programmes: PRINCE2 Foundation; ITIL Foundation; Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) and Programme and Project Sponsorship (PPS). The online courses are hosted in Colt's own Learning Management System, allowing delegates to revisit this training as regularly as they need.

Nicki Talbot, Technical Training Design Manager for Business Process & Systems at Colt, was tasked with driving the e-Learning initiative within her teams. She explains:

"We run many complex projects both internally and externally - so at a practical level the PPS course will help explain the role of project sponsors and stakeholders so that individuals involved in projects can understand their role - and what is expected from them to help the project succeed."

NHS Sussex

The Sussex Health Informatics Service (HIS) switched learning pathways, opting for e-learning when they stumbled upon limitations of their existing training solutions.

Sussex HIS provides IT and associated services to NHS member organisations to support the delivery of enhanced front-line patient care across Sussex. They have 17 sites and 400 staff across the county, and value very high standards when it comes to staff training. When the demand for staff training increased sharply (to conform to their Knowledge and Skills Framework) HIS soon realised that rolling out PRINCE2 and MSP® programme management training effectively would require a smart solution.

One of the key issues was that staff were having to report manually to update their seniors on their progress. ILX’s e-learning courses helped to ensure that Sussex HIS staff were undergoing training flexibly and developing skills effectively. The courses also enabled them to overcome the visibility of staff’s training progress via a central view online in ILX’s Best Practice Portal.

Eddie Kilkelly, Operations Director, ILX Group plc said;

“Not only did Sussex HIS solve the immediate problems they had with visibility of staff progress, but actually enhanced the standard and scope of their learning programmes while saving significant funds. We're really proud to have been involved in that process."

Remote working should not limit progress

Research shows that productivity has the potential to rise among staff when they work at home. By integrating training into your remote working strategy employees will feel invested in and valued, further raising morale and motivation.

What’s more, improving management skills and laying out common best practices reduces risks linked to discrepancies, and creates greater efficiency in internal processes. At ILX we are extremely proud to help businesses such as Atradius, Boots, Colt, and the NHS see the tangible benefits of training remotely.

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