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Becoming scrum master certified with ILX

A highly esteemed role, the scrum master coaches, motivates and leads their Agile team. It's their responsibility to ensure the scrum framework is employed throughout the project. A scrum master must work to facilitate the scrum process in order to lead the project - and the team - to success. Ho...

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How training can benefit midsize companies

Introducing a professional development program has been proven to have a direct correlation with output. Training is increasingly crucial for business growth. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report found that 64% of their global participants agree that learning and development has shifte...

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APM Project Management Training at ILX

The Association for Project Management (APM) is regarded as the leading professional body in Project Management. Their qualification scheme is recognised by project managers worldwide. And here at ILX, we are proud to offer APM Project Management training. We have the following APM qualificatio...

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The Lean Six Sigma journey explained

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology, making business practices more efficient while increasing manufacturing quality. The training journey works as a multi-level structure – 6 Sigma belts; white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, master black belt, right through to champion....

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Diversity & inclusion at work podcast series – a producer’s perspective

Hello! My name is Alice – I’m a Senior Marketing Executive at ILX, and I produce our podcast series. In May, we launched our ‘ Diversity & Inclusion at work ’ series, which focused on some of the many issues affecting workplaces today. When we first decided as a company to dedicate a whole...

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Building your career with DevOps

Back in 2018, leading research company Gartner produced a study which found that 59% of organizations had deployed an AI initiative led by a project manager. As time rolls on, technology continues to advance and become more commonplace in all manner of industries. As a result, we are seeing the role...

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Which Business Analysis course is right for me?

Business Analysis skills are in high demand, and with the right course you can gain understanding, build the fundamental skills and knowledge, and learn how to uncover the business needs and identify the solutions. But which course is the right one for you? What roles do each of our courses best sui...

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