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Python training Learn the increasingly popular development programming language
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Course type: E-learning
Delivery: Online

Python E-learning

Python is a dynamic development programming language, one of the first languages to support Google App Engine and is used extensively in the cloud. It supports meta-programming structures and aspects of Lisp and Haskell. 

About the course

This training course will introduce you to the Python development language, essentials of object-oriented programming, web development with Django and game development. You will have hands-on development experience that can prepare you for a career as a professional Python programmer.


No prior programming knowledge or experience is necessary to take this online Python training course.

Learning objectives

By the end of this online Python e-learning, you will be able to:

  • Internalise the concepts and constructs of Python
  • Learn to create your own Python programs
  • Master Python Django and advanced web development in Python
  • Master PyGame and game development in Python
  • Create a flappy bird game clone

This course is offered by Simplilearn, a partner of ILX Group.

Duration of access

12 months online access to accredited e-learning

What's covered?

The course covers the following:

  • Lesson 1 - Getting started with Python 
  • Lesson 2 - Variables, loops and statements 
  • Lesson 3 - Functions and variables 
  • Lesson 4 - Understanding error detection 
  • Lesson 5 - Working with files and classes 
  • Lesson 6 - Intermediate Python 
  • Lesson 7 - Conclusion 
  • Learn Python Django from scratch
  • Python game development - Create a Flappy Bird Clone

The Python training course includes three real-life projects. Successful evaluation of one of the following three projects is a part of the certification eligibility criteria.

Target audience

Any aspiring programmer or web developer:

  • Quants 
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • System testers

There is no exam available but your course completion certificate will be auto generated in the LMS once you meet the below criteria:
1. Completion of at least 85% of the e-learning course
2. Submission of project as per course requirements
3. Successfully meeting the project evaluation criteria set by our experts

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