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P3O® Foundation & Practitioner classroom

3 P’s – Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, together they help to ensure an organisation’s strategy is delivered as needed.Structured over five days of training, exercises and practical application, the P3O Foundation and Practitioner course has sessions structured around the P3O guidance to help prepare you for the Foundation and Practitioner examinations.

About the course

A P3O model provides a decision enabling and delivery support structure for all change within an organisation, whether large or small. This Foundation and Practitioner classroom course is designed to enable delegates to understand the structure, roles, tools and techniques along with the processes that help ensure business change happens in line with corporate strategic objectives. During the course, delegates will gain knowledge of the internationally recognised Best Practice terminology, structure, basic concepts and the core principles of P3O. During the course participants will sit P3O Foundation and Practitioner examinations.


This is a five day course with the Foundation examination on day three and the Practitioner examination on day five.


In order to sit the P3O Practitioner examination you must have passed the P3O Foundation examination.

Learning objectives

By the end of the Foundation level you should understand the key principles and terminology within the P3O guidance. Additionally you should understand the: 

  • High-level P3O model and its component offices 
  • Differences between Portfolio, Programme and Project Management 
  • Key functions and services of a P3O 
  • Reasons for establishing a P3O model 
  • Differences between types of P3O model and the factors that influence selection of the most appropriate model 
  • Processes to implement or re-energize a P3O 
  • Tools and techniques used by a P3O  
  • Purpose and major responsibilities of the defined roles

By the end of the Practitioner level you should exhibit all the competences required for the Foundation qualification and to show that you could apply the P3O guidance to the design, implementation and management of a P3O model. Specifically you will need to demonstrate your ability to: 

  • Develop the business case required to obtain senior management approval for the P3O  
  • Identify and build the most appropriate P3O model, which will adapt to the organization’s needs, taking account of the organization’s size and portfolio, programme and project management maturity  Identify the most appropriate roles required to populate a specified P3O structure  
  • Plan the implementation of a P3O 
  • Choose and use appropriate tools and techniques while running the P3O and advising those who shape the portfolio of programmes and projects  

This is an intensive five-day classroom course that includes the following:

  • All accompanying course material
  • The official P3O manual
  • The cost of the P3O Foundation and Practitioner examinations (the exams are taken within the duration of the course)

Refreshments will also be provided throughout the duration of your training.

What's covered?

The course includes but is not limited to:

P3O Foundation 

  • P3O overview
  • P3O services and functions
  • P3O models
  • P3O tools and techniques
  • P3O roles and responsibilities
  • Developing a business case, Why have a P3O?
  • How to implement or re-energise a P3O
  • P3O examination preparation

P3O Practitioner 

  • ILX’s unique ‘ Preparing for the P3O Practitioner examination’ providing sample Practitioner examination papers and marking guidelines
  • A review of the P3O guidance, consolidating understanding and addressing any areas of concern
  • Syndicate and individual scenario based exercises, designed to focus candidates on the application of P3O using case studies

Target audience

This course would benefit:

  • SRO’s/Programme Directors and Managers
  • Portfolio/Programme/Project Office Managers
  • Project or Programme Office support staff
  • Project Managers

Important note regarding pre-course

There is mandatory online pre-course work that must be undertaken prior to attending this course. It is expected that it will take approximately three to hours hours to complete. You will be sent full instructions with a link to the online pre course within 48 hours of your confirmed booking.

In addition, whilst attending your course there will also be some examination preparation evening work.

P3O Foundation

  • Multiple choice
  • 75 questions - 70 live questions and 5 trial
  • 60 minutes
  • 50% pass mark - 35 out of 70
  • Closed book

P3O Practitioner 

  • Objective testing
  • Four questions of 20 marks each - 80 marks in total
  • 150 minutes’ duration
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • Open book - (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices: P3O guide only)

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