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MSP® 4th Edition Practitioner classroom

Organisations today exist in a climate where the need for change is ubiquitous, in view of the many dynamic, and sometimes contradictory, ‘drivers for change’, such as changes in the global economy, societal trends and new legislation.

Please note : This course is aligned to MSP 4th Edition

About the course

Substantial risk is involved in carrying out complex, difficult and often unclear major changes to the way an organisation operates. ‘Managing Successful Programmes’ (MSP) is a principles, governance themes and process based approach founded on best practice for use when managing a programme. Programmes are more than just the ‘sum of their parts’, in other words they need to ‘add value’ over their constituent projects. This leads to the inevitable conclusion that such a major ‘transformational’ change needs something over and above standard project management in order to make such a major change ‘stick’, and thereby realise benefits which are of strategic importance to the organisation. Managing Successful Programmes Practitioner is for those delegates who have already passed the foundation level qualification.The course equips delegates with a realistic and practical opportunity to consolidate their understanding of the MSP method, including its structure, processes, and governance themes, together with a range of management documents to aid progress through the programme lifecycle. 


2 days


You must have passed the MSP 4th Edition Foundation exam prior to undertaking the MSP 4th Edition Practitioner exam.


This is an intensive two-day course, providing all you need to get through the MSP Practitioner examination first time, including:

  • All accompanying course material
  • The cost of the MSP Practitioner examination (the exam is taken on the last day of the course)

Refreshments will also be provided throughout the duration of your training.

What's covered?

This course includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Introduction and principles
  • Governance themes
  • Transformational flow processes including:
    • Identifying the aim of the programme and envisaged benefits to the organisation
    • Defining the programme and specifying how the organisation will be different afterwards
    • Managing the tranches to establish and run the programme 
    • Delivering the capability to monitor and coordinate the projects 
    • Realising the benefits to embed the change through adequate transitionactivities 
    • Closing the programme and ensuring the ‘end goal’ has been achieved.

Please note: To assist your learning there is some pre-course reading and activities that must be completed prior to attending your course. In addition, whilst attending your course, there will also be some examination preparation evening work .

Target audience

This course is intended for organisations or individuals seeking to manage transformational change or those seeking a professionally recognised qualification, such as:

  • Programme managers 
  • Senior managers who will ‘sponsor’ the change, or perhaps be held accountable for its success
  • Operational managers charged with embedding the change in their area
  • Operational staff undertaking a role in the programme or related projects
  • Programme office staff (PMO) wishing to build upon their project management knowledge
  • Experienced project managers
  • Those seeking a professional qualification in programme management

Important note regarding pre-course

There is mandatory online pre-course work that must be undertaken prior to attending this course. It is expected that it will take approximately six hours to complete. You will be sent full instructions with a link to the online pre course within 48 hours of your confirmed booking.

Review the technical requirements for the online learning here.

Exam format


  • Objective testing
  • Eight questions per paper, 
  • 80 marks available in total
  • 40 marks required to pass – 50%
  • Two-and-a-half hours duration
  • Open book (only the MSP guide is allowed) 

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