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Course type:
Blended learning

12 hours plus 2 days

Blended learning
M_o_R manual
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M_o_R® Foundation & Practitioner blended learning

ILX Group’s accredited Management of Risk Foundation and Practitioner blended learning contains all of the training and materials you need to attain both the Foundation and Practitioner qualifications in M_o_R.

Course overview

About the course

ILX Group’s accredited M_o_R Foundation and Practitioner blended learning course contains all of the training and materials you need to attain both the Foundation and Practitioner qualifications in M_o_R. It combines interactive multimedia training, workshops, video, practical exercises, mock exam simulators, paper-based exercises and access to an M_o_R training expert throughout the entire programme including the two-day workshop.

The M_o_R Foundation exam must be taken and passed online via remote web proctor prior to attending the two-day Practitioner workshop.

The blended learning format is as follows:

  • M_o_R online learning access provided upon purchase
  • M_o_R Foundation exam: Must be taken online via remote web proctor and pass confirmation received prior to attending your workshop
  • ​Two-day M_o_R practitioner workshop including M_o_R Practitioner exam. You will sit this exam at the end of the practitioner workshop

What's covered?

M_o_R foundation


  • The purpose of the M_o_R Guide
  • What is risk management and why is it important?
  • Corporate governance and internal control
  • Where and when should risk 
  • Management be applied?
  • Risk specialisms
  • Global best practice guidance

M_o_R Walkthrough

  • An overview and introduction to the structure of M_o_R
  • An introduction to the principles, approach, processes, embedding and reviewing and perspectives contained in the management of risk guidance

M_o_R Principles

  • A detailed review of the 8 principles which underpin the M_o_R guidance

M_o_R Approach 

  • A look at the set of documentation which support the M_o_R approach, including the risk management policy, process guide, strategies and so on

M_o_R Processes

  • The four main M_o_R processes of identify, assess, plan and implement, along with the process inputs, outputs, goals, tasks and techniques involved

Embedding & Reviewing M_o_R

  • This session looks at changing organisational culture, measuring the value and how to overcome the common barriers associated with the implementation of risk management, along with establishing opportunities for change

M_o_R Perspectives

  • The M_o_R guidance describes the context of risk management from four different organisational perspectives. These are strategic, programme, project and operational and this session looks at each in some detail

M_o_R Health Check & Maturity Model

  • M_o_R’s health check tool, its purpose, process and framework
  • An introduction to the Management of Risk maturity model, its use,composition and the benefits

M_o_R Specialisms

  • A look at some of the risk specialisms, including the management of business continuity, Incident and crisis, health and safety, security and financial risk

M_o_R Foundation Exam Technique

  • How to approach the M_o_R examination

M_o_R Examination Simulator

  • Featuring sample questions in the style of the M_o_R examination and timed to assist your preparation

M_o_R practitioner


Explored through topic revision and&nbs