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Project Manage Your Valentine's Day

By ILX Team | 13 February 2018

You may believe that Valentine’s Day is about flowers, chocolates, expensive watches and other material goods, but you’re wrong: it’s about Project Management. When we think about it - whether you’re happily single, coupled or hoping to find that special someone – treating every one of your Valentin...

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Joining Sponsors Anonymous?

By ILX Team | 6 February 2018

Here's the 10-point programme you're going to need! Spare a thought for the executive level of project leadership — those of us who may be designated project executives, project sponsors, senior owners, and the like. These people are generally senior members of staff, and therefore (by common a...

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How to Get a Project Management Job

By ILX Team | 23 January 2018

A project manager takes charge planning, executing and delivering projects. Project managers can work in any industry. They're most often associated with engineering, finance, IT and marketing. Not only is it a satisfying role, it's also in high demand. These are the steps you should follow to ge...

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By ILX Team | 28 December 2017

Roll up roll up! We have recently added a great selection of classic games with a project management twist. Race around to collect jewels in Inca Treasure, or see who can make it to the end of the Snakes and Ladders board. These are free to play games where you can test your understanding of t...

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ILX's The Apprentice Review - Episode 7

By ILX Team | 16 November 2017

Episode 7 of The Apprentice brought the long-awaited advertising task to our screens. The two teams each had to create a 20-second video advertisement and series of digital advertising screens for a new car. We saw people attempting to do as much as possible, and others apparently not doing enou...

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ILX's The Apprentice Review: Episode 6

By ILX Team | 16 November 2017

When you order a pizza online and opt to track your order, there’s a step the tracker displays before “Out for Delivery”, and it’s usually called “Quality Control”. A lot of people think this is just to cover extended delivery, but this is actually a crucial stage of the pizza delivery process....

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12 Words That Ruin Resumes

By ILX Team | 13 November 2017

Project management employment opportunities are highly competitive. Jobseekers cannot afford to make poor word choices on their resume. Unfortunately, no matter how qualified you are, there’s always the risk of misrepresenting yourself. Just one word choice can colour a company’s perception of you....

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