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Are you in the loop?

By ILX Team | 1 August 2018

It’s no secret that going through change will always turn into some sort of learning experience. From a house move teaching you to hoard less stuff, to a freak bout of arctic weather reminding you that it can never hurt to bring an extra layer, we are all constantly unlearning old behaviours and lea...

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In the spotlight: Mandla Mahlangu

By ILX Team | 24 July 2018

Last month, as part of our 30th birthday celebrations, we kicked off our ‘in the spotlight’ blog series, which takes a look at how our customers use our courses in their day-to-day roles. Now, we’re continuing the trend by talking to more people to get a real insight into how our courses have helped...

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Burn down charts: keeping your eyes on the prize

By ILX Team | 17 July 2018

In any sort of project, we always want to know what our progress is looking like – how far we’ve come, where we’re heading, when we’ll be finished etc. But, arguably, although it’s good to know what we’ve achieved so far, the most important thing to look at is what is left to do. Within agile me...

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In the spotlight: Gareth Lewis

By ILX Team | 3 July 2018

Last month at ILX we celebrated our 30th birthday, and with that we thought we’d have a look at some of our customers who are in their 30s and what sort of things they’re getting up to in their roles. So, on that note, meet Gareth. Hi Gareth – can you tell us a bit about yourself and what role...

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30 of the most interesting projects... ever!

By ILX Team | 21 June 2018

We live in a world that’s full of projects — from famous buildings to music festivals, from bridges to tunnels, and from global sports tournaments to iconic structures — they come in all shapes and sizes, and in every industry. So, to continue our 30th birthday celebrations, we thought we’d put toge...

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In the spotlight: Kyle Edmund Hayes

By ILX Team | 21 June 2018

If you’ve been reading along with us this month, you’ll know that we’ve been celebrating our 30th birthday and, as such, have also been exploring what our customers who are also in their 30s are doing in their roles. First up is Kyle Edmund Hayes. Hi Kyle – would you like to introduce yourself...

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30 influential people in project management

By ILX Team | 12 June 2018

The list of influential people in the project management industry is seemingly endless. But as we continue to celebrate our 30th year as specialists in project, programme and portfolio management training, we wanted to compile a list of 30 people we consider to be influential to others in the profes...

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